[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #19: The Echo People, Part 3

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> "I would never wish... all of this upon this holy grounds. Upon the
> sacred order my family has cultivated over hundreds of generations."
> "Our family," Andy corrected with a bit more of a snarl than he
> intended.
> "Our family," Brody agreed.

Hmmmm.  I'm wondering what the long-term goals of the duplicates are -
if it's just replacing their other selves, or...

> He opened with the Avalanche Of The Religious Dragon, a flurry of fast
> pushing strikes, licks of flame danced on his knuckles!
> Brody countered perfectly with the Immortal Pose Of Books, sheets of
> opening arm movements that brushed the attacks to the sides!
> An upward arc of a foot, the Priestess' Northern Kick! So quick the air
> cracked like wood behind it!

I really like how you did these!  Swift bursts of description!

> Andy smiled at the memory. "Absolutely. Punishment was to scrub clean
> the  stone stairs of the mountain. From the valley floor to the peak! It
> took forever! And eventually we learned it wasn't because he was angry
> but..."
> "...but because he had broken his hand! And wanted the time to heal
> before facing us again!" Brody finished.
> The two shared a laugh, unable to see each other in the settling dust.
> Only when the moment passed did they start moving purposefully again.

This is ambiguous in the *good* way.

> They took a pause, the perfect moment demanding that they appreciate the
> surroundings.
> Then the sky cracked open and vomits an unimaginable blackness.

You know, I know this was an error in tenses, but I like to imagine
it's an expression of time and space being suddenly violated.

> The darkness vibrated with the sound, unable to resist the power of the
> magnificent instrument, and the monstrous darkness broke apart into a
> tidal wave of fine black sand.

That's an excellent image, *and* makes sense in terms of the cosmic
forces involved.

> The anchor fell away. The straw hat popped off Brody.
> Flipping it over in his hands, Andy immediately donned it himself.


> Whew, where have I been? Work schedule got busy, Netflix made some
> excellent shows available, I've been hanging out with some friends,
> trying to start up a second D&D game. Its all added up, I suppose.

I was afraid that coming into contact with the LNH had driven you
maaaaaaaad! (Not that that's a disadvantage when writing over there,

> The long pause does mean this issue changed drastically from what
> I had originally put together. Believe it or not, it was actually a
> super long debate between the two Dharams. I decided to scrap it
> because, if I was going to go into detail about their ideals and
> such, I should have switched them around. Oh well.
> Going forward, I'm striving for shorter, punchier stories.

This was definitely punchy!  And I can definitely understand that
one.  I'm nearing completion on one that has turned into a behemoth!

> Oh, and PS, apologies for the RACC site.

More covers, more, mwahahaha!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, all the covers ever.

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