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Tue Nov 15 18:42:15 PST 2011

For some reason, this conversation doesn't show up on Google Groups. >:/ So
I haven't replied to it at work, and I keep forgetting about it here

On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 18:01:28 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins wrote:

> I don't really buy the argument that they're confusing; in the newsgroup, 
> everything will be tagged LNH20, and in archives, it will be in a 
> separate directory. And I think if we're setting out to write the Legion 
> of Net.Heroes, there needs to be a title called Legion of Net.Heroes. 

But the problem is that LNHv2 is still going to be running concurrently.

> My preference is still Legion of Net.Heroes v3, because that's what it 
> really is in essence, and if we're calling it anything else, we're 
> dancing around semantics to avoid (or create) confusion.

Well, not really, considering that the original Adjectiveless LNH title was
basically "Martin writes the core LNH characters" and v2 is "General
stories in the Looniverse".

> Of course, but on the other hand what's keeping the creators of whatever 
> is the current focus of events to post one or two issues to the core 
> title as a lead-in? 

If they like!

> Or if something epic like, say, BM is going on in its 
> own title (regular or mini-series), the core title could follow it, 
> showing how the LNH as a whole is reacting, as well as the public eye. A 
> role similar to Marvel's recent (and great IMO) practise of a companion 
> title to the year's event (Civil War Frontline, Fear Itself the Home 
> Front, etc).

Saxon actually did some like that *for* BC/BM.  Good stuff, too.  And I'd
support someone doing that again~ I just don't like making it Something We
Should Be Doing.

> The rationale here is that if there's a title named after the imprint, 
> and featuring the primary subject of the imprint (namely the LNH), that's 
> what new readers will see as the natural entry point. By keeping it 
> permanently woven into the remainder of the universe, we make it a 
> friendly and inviting entry point.
> Maybe :-)

On this point, I definitely agree.

> So let's have a quick vote? But before we start voting, let's see what 
> are the actual candidates. Anyone who has different thoughts please post 
> as a reply.
> Core title:
> - Epic Legion of Net.Heroes [Epic is the internet's superlative of choice,
>   so if we want to go the superlative route, I motion we make Epic our
>   theme superlative; it's a though one to live up to, tho, because it has
>   a very definite literary meaning]

Yes, totally this.  I loves it.  That or Awesome Legion of Net.Heroes,
which is even more Internetty.

> Flashback/backstory title:
> - Tales of the LNH

Tales of the LNH v20, I say!

> -- Lalo “itching to start writing already” Martins

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, indeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

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