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On Nov 11, 7:58 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:

>   I went back to my dorm room and put on my make up like I said I
> would.  Then I squeezed myself into my spandex costume and checked
> myself out in the mirror.
>   "Nobody is ever going to say no to these," I said, referring to my
> Double D breasts.

...you know, I think you're pushing this joke a bit far. >.>; Running
gags are fun, but this is a bit blatant.

>   "Okay," I said.  "So can we use your retrocotheric energy detector
> to figure out where he took the LNH?"
>   "No," the Professor said, "but what I can do is figure out where he
> went and then we can ask him what he did with the LNH."

That's just crazy enough to work!!

>   "Allow me to introduce the Four Horsemen of Procrastination:
> Amnesia, Angst, Apathy and Anger."
>   "Wait," Joy said, "why are they called horsemen if they don't have
> horses?"
>   Manga Man nodded.  "I said the same thing!"
>   "They aren't even all men!"
>   "I know!"  Manga Man shook his head.

Heeheehee.  The vicissitudes of the working man!

  "Anyway, guys, you deal with
> them."
>   Suddenly, James' attitude changed drastically.  "So are you going to
> actually do something?" he asked Joy.

Hmmmm.  I would've used Amnesia on him, because the others are all
emotional states, and the fact that a certain emotional state is the
center of his concept hasn't been established yet.  That said, Anger
is more appropriate than the other two.

>   Indeed, I could feel the four of them in my head: Amnesia was trying
> to make me forget everything, Angst was trying to get me to remember
> trivial things, Apathy was trying to make me not care about anything
> and Anger was trying to make me feel angry about everything.  They
> were all attacking me at the same time... which was a big mistake!
> Their powers were cancelling each other out!

Ah, makes sense.

>   "No!" Anger said.  "It feels good to get angry!  Why should I stop
> feeling angry?  You all need to embrace your anger!"
>   "Raymond," I said.  "A little help here!"

...you know, I keep forgetting that he's Special Bonding Boy.  For
some reason, I keep thinking wReamhack.

>   "Why don't the four of you just go off into a corner and think about
> what you've done?"  The Four Horsemen of Procrastination did as I told
> them to do.


>   "Oh, really?" Manga Man said.  "Then watch as I open the cells!
> Then you will see that they are inside!"
>   Manga Man opened the cell doors and Nick Furry, Master Blaster,
> Occultism Kid and Irony Man walked out.  Master Blaster pointed his
> big gun at Manga Man's head.  "Now you're going to pay," he said.
>   "Oops."

Wonk wonk waaaaa

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, da-dah-daa

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