LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 14:52:44 PST 2011

On Nov 10, 3:58 pm, Lalo Martins <lalo.mart... at gmail.com> wrote:

> In fact, we created
> her before we knew Panta had ever existed, and when we did, we though it
> would be funny to make that connection.

Hmmmm, fair enough!

> In fact I don't care that much about her powers, it's more her
> personality and what she stands for (the mandatory token minority
> character, just as many minorities as possible). And that's one reason I
> don't want to write her: I think as it is she's more interesting as a +1
> in group/task-force stories than as a main character.

Oh, I definitely agree.

> What about we give her a simple, powerful, but extremely boring power
> set: flight, strength, resistance, energy blasts. She's an Utility.

Hm.  How about the opposite: A set of Aquaman-esque highly specialized
powers, each of which is useful only in a specific situation, but
together, making her a sort of Swiss army knife of heroing?  Or
possibly powers that somehow reflect her ethnic heritages... (I just
want to get the "Minority" part in there somehow.)

> We could also go the obvious route and call him Flashback. His power is
> visually projecting memories. Very useful in court until the Supreme
> Court ruled that violates the 4th Amendment or something, at which point
> he retired to the LNHQ to curate the Trophy Hall. Probably still called
> upon for the occasional interrogation.

Hmmmm, that works. (There was a time-travelling villain called
Flashback back in the day, but since the names are the only
similarity, it's not even a thing.)

> With the powers and metatextual intent I put above, she pretty much *has*
> to be a founding member ;-) a minority-free LNH would be a Bad Thing
> Indeed (says Mr. Victor Stone).

Heh, good point.  (By the way, did I mention Kindle is black?  Because
she totally is.  Also: A religious character who's not Self-Righteous

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, and Kid E is multi-ethnic as ever.

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