ASH: ASH #113 - A Suit of Sables Part 4: But A Shadow

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Sat Apr 23 10:25:27 PDT 2011

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Scott Eiler  <seiler at> wrote:
>Dave Van Domelen wrote:
>>      Cities die, sometimes
>> it's murder and other times more of a wasting away.  Even in the real world,
>> a search on "urban wasteland" can find plenty of pictures just as depressing
>> as the ones I tried to paint with words here.
>I was curious:  Did you have a particular Columbus neighborhood in mind?

     Mostly the area starting a mile or so east of Ohio State, around
Cleveland Avenue.  But with the assumption of thirty years of steady,
undramatic decline.  The neighborhood south of campus is probably more
dangerous and economically depressed, but it's also well-known as being a bad
place and efforts are made to turn it around.  Cleveland Avenue just sort of
sat there the 8 years I was at OSU, always looking seedy and under-resourced
but not exactly BAD.

     Dave Van Domelen, doubts most of the people who live there think it's
that bad, but was always one of the people merely passing through and finding
no reason to stop.

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