META: Raccowrimo

Scott Eiler seiler at
Wed Oct 27 15:09:09 PDT 2010

It looks more and more like I'm going to join in.  I have to write a
big November story anyway, the way things are turning out this year.

On Oct 24, 9:27 pm, Wil Alambre <wilalam... at> wrote:
> SO here's a top-of-my-head rule-set:
> 1. It must be an original series. It cannot be an arc in an existing series, nor any series that has existed before. It can be part of any existing universe, and can use existing characters, but it must have an original title. A short cross-over, a mini-series, a title that only exists for this challenge, whatever. I hope this encourages creativity and originality.

I can't really meet this rule in its full power, because *all* my
stories are part of one series.  If NaNoWriMo was meant to prevent me
adding on to my already existing Great American Novel, I must not be
the target demographic.  But I will promise to make one story out of
these four episodes, put in a new protagonist, and not use my large
stable of "Mary Sue" characters.

> 2. It must be at least four issues long, and each issue must come out on the same day of the week. So, if the first issue comes out on a Wednesday, the next issue must be released on the following Wednesday, and the third issue on the Wednesday after that. Not before or after. I want a fixed deadline to give the challenge more structure and have the resulting releases come out on a expected schedule.
> 3. All issues posted as part of the challenge must include the imprint WRIMO. I just want to be able to recognize them as they come in :P

These I can do.  Saturday is my usual best publication date.

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