HCC: High Concept Challenge 15 Side Dvandom

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue Nov 16 21:32:02 PST 2010

     Saxon and I have independently come up with character-based High
Concepts, and will be posting them independently.  Should you embrace the
challenge, you have until December 18 (so we can vote before Christmas) to
write a story where the hero uses one High Concept and the villain uses the
     You will need to use some random method you find suitable to determine
which character uses which concept!  Flip a coin, roll a die, consult a
gerbil, whatever.  This is the honor system, of course, but I figure anyone
unwilling to embrace a little randomness has left RACC already.  :)

     Dvandom's High Concept #15: The New Job

     Amazing Spider-Man #648 finally gave Peter Parker a dream job, in which
he gets to use all the super-science stuff he's picked up over the years as a
superhero, without having to punch a timeclock or explain why he knows how to
disable independently active robotic octopus arms.  So my High Concept #15 is
to take a character who is a superhero or supervillain and get them a new
job.  But there's a catch.  The job has to take advantage of their powers or
super-skills without specifically hiring them to be a superhero/
supervillain!  Hiring a superhero as a bodyguard is not in keeping with the
spirit of this, but a super-burgler villain getting a job as a security
consultant (and maybe having to fend off a hero who is trying to break in as
part of whatever Saxon's high concept is) would be fine.

     Dave Van Domelen, off to bed now.

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