HCC: High Concept Challenge 15 Side Dvandom

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Nov 17 17:52:34 PST 2010

On Nov 16, 9:32 pm, dvan... at eyrie.org (Dave Van Domelen) wrote:
>      Saxon and I have independently come up with character-based High
> Concepts, and will be posting them independently.  Should you embrace the
> challenge, you have until December 18 (so we can vote before Christmas) to
> write a story where the hero uses one High Concept and the villain uses the
> other.

I can write a story to this.  I may have to take liberties with
Concept Brenton, but Concept Dvandom lies right across the soon-to-be-
curvy track of my plot train.  The random element can determin who
wins and gets called "hero".

But is there a great desire among the potential contest participants
to knock out a story by mid-December?  I'll just have come off
RaccoWriMo, and I expect I'll be busy with holiday prep and other real
life stuff.  Could we do mid-January instead?

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