REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #81 - September 2010 [spoilers]

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>> On Sun, 31 Oct 2010 01:23:35 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:
>>> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #81 - September 2010 [spoilers]  
>>> For example, during
>>> Mantis' monologue at the start there's a cut from a medium distance shot
>>> to a close up.  More change of viewpoints like this would help give a
>>> sense of dynamism, but I don't know how hard they would be to set up - nor
>>> how hard it would be to do other shots, such as extreme close-ups, jumping
>>> between left and right profile, or even overhead shots.
>> Yes, more of this please!
> Agreed. :)

I doubt I'll ever do an Alt.Riders like this, as I don't have the models.

Indeed, in some ways I am rather limited. There are about five sets (I've 
used little bits of all of them already), and there's not a lot of usable 
gestures the characters can make. The camera can be anywhere (including 
overhead), so that's something I can play with, but there is no way (that 
I can see) of doing a moving camera shot (which I would love to).

The speech is indeed an issue. Just trying to get Bamboo to say "species" 
took too long. Eventually used "speshies" to get close enough. I do have a 
range of other accents, but as their vowel wounds are different trying to 
get something understandable will take far too long, so I might end up 
reusing some of the English voices.

Getting them to move in a useful way is also annoying. I haven't quite 
worked out how some of the timing works with movements and speech (which 
seem to be on different timing systems and trigger some things too early).

The software doesn't help, in that if I cut away to another scene, then 
cut back, I have to reconstruct positions and everything in the new scene. 
It won't let me copy&paste scenes to I can maintian a really nice set up 
properly. (And there are other copy&paste issues.)

Still, that's why I'm doing these, so I can play and learn.

Jamas Enright

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