REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #81 - September 2010 [spoilers]

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Tue Nov 2 18:00:01 PDT 2010

On Tue, 2 Nov 2010 07:08:38 +0000 (UTC), Tim Munn wrote:

> The first was very nearly thrown away.  I really have been strongly
> tempted to delete the story once and for all, to clear up what in the
> end would only be a few kb of space.That was until Doctor Pillbox
> showed up.  I very nearly wrote the third installment, but had the
> feeling I should wait a bit.  I don't rush these things, clearly.

Personally, if I feel like I can write something, I do.  Else I have a
tendency to put it off. >>;

> Sadface would only happen if
> I kicked the bucket
> Someone got ahold of my writing and little notes, setting out to
> finish what I started
> They do a crap job of it,
> Which would make me Sadface :/
> from beyond the grave.

Now I'm wondering what poetic form this is. >.>

> I use the Xtranormal service as well.  There are a few RACC-ish things
> up.  I was about ready to put up segments of a short movie I was
> making before it went to mostly pay service.  (If it's not free, it's
> probably not for me.  They still have some basic stuff that's free.  I
> hope it stays that way/get more free stuff.)  It was going to be a
> creepy, awesome murder mystery, involving drugs, backstabbing and a
> freaky clown.

Oooooooh.  Man.  I wonder if there are other, similar services?

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, psychopower~

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