REV: End of Month Reviews #75 - March 2010 [spoilers]

Andrew Perron pwerdna at
Sun May 2 16:10:40 PDT 2010

On Fri, 30 Apr 2010 22:24:05 +0000 (UTC), Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Looniverse Chronicles #1
> '264 BC: Extend The Olive Branch... of DOOM!'
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series  {high concept 7 contest}
> by Andrew Perron

>      Right, administrivia first.  Another HHC7 entry for the theme of 
> 'Olympics'.  Also, Andrew has created a new anthology series to showcase 
> stories that take place in other than the present day LNH setting.

Yes!  Note to everyone: this is the perfect opportunity to write Murder She
Wrote parodies.

>      Now, on a meta level this works fine, because it provides Aphrodite 
> Bilistiche the opportunity to showcase her powers to the reader.  But 
> within story it leads to accusations of... Bilistiche-dickery!

Woo!  Yay for goofy story elements. <3

> All this instead of using those powers to distract the judges who have 
> possession of the deadly olive branches while she either decontaminates 
> them or replaces them entirely. know, the thing is, I didn't even think of that option.  It was
dickery from the word go!

>      Now, lest the reader of this article miss the nuance that I am 
> ranting in mock indignation, I will conclude with the recommendation 
> that this is a perfectly readable story, done as a Golden Age style 
> pastiche with lots of appropriate little touches, such as calling in 
> her living statue friend Galatea to masquerade as her while she is busy.

Thanks!  Though I think I aimed for Golden Age but hit Silver instead.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, reading The Death of Cheesecake-Eater
Lad.  You are insane.

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