REV: End of Month Reviews #75 - March 2010 [spoilers]

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Sun May 2 11:08:13 PDT 2010

Scott Eiler asked:
> Saxon, I try to take these opportunities to review what you've
> written. Feel free to let me know if I've missed something. (My
> newsreader does not give credit to original authors, only to latest
> responder. And I don't see anything "LNH" for this time period.)
Uh, to clarify, you mean the period of March 2010?  I'm pretty sure 
I didn't write any stories in that period.  I was *planning* an 
olympics story, but that fell through :-(

For what it's worth, the url links I place at the bottom of every 
EoMR should be useful in identifying who wrote what; in particlur 
this link:   gives the 
monthly accumuklations, and they're searchable by author, title 
and date.

Saxon Brenton
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