REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #78 - June 2010 [spoilers]

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> SW10: What About Judy And Me?
> A Superhuman World [SW10] story
> by Scott Eiler

Oops, I guess this story really is public.

>      I think I may have misjudged Wyatt.  That includes a mixture of
> both good and bad, incidentally.  I think that somewhere along the line
> the combination of 'crusading gonzo reporter who'll go anywhere' and
> 'superpowers' got a bit mixed up in my head, such that I rather
> unthinkingly expected the character to act like a superhero.  This
> despite the fact that only a few moment's recollection was needed to
> indicate that, no, actually he's been acting like a gonzo journalist.
> This wrongfooted me towards the end of the post when his actions, which
> had been predictable up until then, stopped being so.

Well then, that's a good thing.  If Wyatt Ferguson wanted to be a
superhero, he'd have been one already.

>      Specifically Wyatt is set to marry his longtime girlfriend Judy
> Kraaco, but on the day of the wedding Judy's grand-niece Mary Mystery
> casts some paranoia spells to disrupt the occasion...
>       So what happens next?  Well, Wyatt leaves, retrenches, and
> eventually unearths what happened.  Significantly however he doesn't use
> this information to try to vindicate himself with Judy.  And I'm not
> even completely sure whether he even tried.

I think I can testify, Wyatt sent Judy an e-mail with the evidence.
She never responded.

>       At times like this I really regret the presentation of Wyatt's
> reports in blog entry style.  I get the feeling that they're able to
> handle reports of straight facts, but that they're less amenable for
> explaining feelings and motivations.  Even if they're his own.
> Especially if they're his own.

Heh.  We can't really blame the format, because it's Wyatt's blog
after all.  The format just expresses what Wyatt wants to say.

Wyatt really ought to mention, his motivations may have been entangled
at the time, but he's now glad to be free from that dysfunctional
family stuff.  He's the ultimate free spirit, after all.  He's also
reluctant to talk about more of that family stuff in public.

Yes, I've established Wyatt and I are not quite exact counterparts.
But there's still a lot of Me in Wyatt Ferguson.

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