ASH/CONTEST: Coherent Super Stories #19 - IMP in the ARPANET

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Thu Feb 11 13:19:53 PST 2010

On Feb 11, 3:13 pm, dvan... at (Dave Van Domelen) wrote:
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> >Wow.  Would a real comic of the time have had this many casual drug
> >references?  Especially something as infamous (at the time!) as LSD?
> >*Especially* as something the hero is using to defeat the villain?
>      Some of it comes down to a matter I still haven't decided on yet: are
> these scripts from stories that Brightsword told to the comicbook writers (in
> which case his real name isn't actually Jim Jackson, that's just the alias
> the comic writers used), or are they from an alternate reality in which the
> "real" ASH Universe stuff happened as comics, just as our world is where the
> "real" DCU and Marvel stuff shows up as comics?

Interesting!  I'd lean towards the former, simply to avoid confusion
all the non-Brightsword issues of CSS being normal-ASH stuff, but I
can totally see it the other way.

>      If they're in-setting comics, then they could be using the "it really
> happened" justification.  And if it's "ASH Prime" comics, perhaps their
> comics code evolved differently.  Either way, though, perhaps where Amazing
> Spider-Man broke the drug barrier in our world, Brightsword #9 did it in ASH
> or ASH Prime?

I gotcha, I gotcha.  Kind of a silly story for it, though - that is,
assuming they don't have the "it really happened" justification.

>      One caution, though...things that happen in Brightsword I stories don't
> necessarily reflect the real ASH history.  For instance, Santa Claus isn't
> necessarily a vampire in ASH, even though he IS in Brightsword's comics.
> Not that this favors either view of the reality of the comics'
> publication...the facts could get twisted regardless of whether the comics
> are published in ASH or ASH Prime.  I don't want to pull an Immortus, though,
> and reveal that someone was manipulating Brightsword all along, just to make
> his stories fit the canon.

Except for the people that *are* manipulating him, anyway.

> They don't always fit, and that's intentional.
> Sometimes it IS a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary tale....

As it should be!

>      Dave Van Domelen, also really wanted to use "LSDemon" as a villain
> name, regardless of whether it'd get past the CCA.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, this is a very good point.

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