ASH/CONTEST: Coherent Super Stories #19 - IMP in the ARPANET

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Thu Feb 11 12:13:59 PST 2010

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Andrew Perron  <pwerdna at> wrote:
>Wow.  Would a real comic of the time have had this many casual drug
>references?  Especially something as infamous (at the time!) as LSD?
>*Especially* as something the hero is using to defeat the villain?

     Some of it comes down to a matter I still haven't decided on yet: are
these scripts from stories that Brightsword told to the comicbook writers (in
which case his real name isn't actually Jim Jackson, that's just the alias
the comic writers used), or are they from an alternate reality in which the
"real" ASH Universe stuff happened as comics, just as our world is where the
"real" DCU and Marvel stuff shows up as comics?

     If they're in-setting comics, then they could be using the "it really
happened" justification.  And if it's "ASH Prime" comics, perhaps their
comics code evolved differently.  Either way, though, perhaps where Amazing
Spider-Man broke the drug barrier in our world, Brightsword #9 did it in ASH
or ASH Prime?

     One caution, though...things that happen in Brightsword I stories don't
necessarily reflect the real ASH history.  For instance, Santa Claus isn't
necessarily a vampire in ASH, even though he IS in Brightsword's comics.
Not that this favors either view of the reality of the comics'
publication...the facts could get twisted regardless of whether the comics
are published in ASH or ASH Prime.  I don't want to pull an Immortus, though,
and reveal that someone was manipulating Brightsword all along, just to make
his stories fit the canon.  They don't always fit, and that's intentional.
Sometimes it IS a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary tale....

     Dave Van Domelen, also really wanted to use "LSDemon" as a villain
name, regardless of whether it'd get past the CCA.

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