CONTEST: High Concept #6: extension

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Tue Feb 9 19:24:06 PST 2010

With the deadline for the 6th High Concept Challenge closing in, I 
note that so far there has been only one entry: Tom's 'Bitter Beans'.
(I have doublechecked with a search of my emails, the RACC pipermail 
archive, google, and the ASH Yahoo group (because Anal-Retentive 
Archive Kid can recall two occasions where Dave had posted stuff 
there which was not subsequently properly forwarded to RACC).)
So, I have decided use my adjudicatorial power and extend the 
challenge for one more week.  It will now close next Friday 19th 
Feb 2010.
To show willing, I'm going to throw in a story, even though as 
vote moderator I will be ruling it ineligible for the contest proper.
This, then, will be your final chance to submit for the mad libbed 
theme for HC #6:
 "When the Earth becomes infested with hardwired aliens, one Earthling 
  and his/her chocolate respond by swimming." 
And remember: "Dvandom, this is all your fault."
Saxon Brenton
tV trOpes wiKi  *HUnGeRS*  and wAnts to EaT all yoUr frEe tiMe
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