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On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 05:36:14 +0000 (UTC), Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> Eventually it got its own newsgroup by the name of alt.comics.lnh.  The
> stories became more elaborate and sophisticated poking fun at the
> superhero genre, the comic industry, and whatever other sacred cows
> there were.  Occasionally it even dealt with serious matters.  And now
> it's 14 years and a thousand stories later.

18, at this point. (And probably *several* thousand stories.)

> If the subject line starts with [LNH] or LNH: then they are stories set
> in the classic LNH imprint.
> [LNH2] or LNH2: is Martin Phipp's imprint involving an alternate future
> of the classic LNH.
> [LNHY] or LNHY: are stories set in the Looniverse Y universe.

I'd been thinking of making my own LNH spinoff imprint, but it changed into
something else entirely. (Which is why the new imprint I was hinting at
earlier in the year hasn't manifested yet.)

> If nothing more you should atleast check out Easily Discovered Man.

It's true; Easily-Discovered Man is like the platonic LNH series.

> The reason for this is that for as long as I can remember there have
> always been complaints about how the LNH was too big.  Even back in '93,
> when I discovered the LNH, people were complaining about the size of the
> LNH.  Now I personally don't think that the LNH is too big, and I'd say
> that a thousand member cast is part of the LNH's charm, but I do get why
> people might find the LNH's size overwhelming.

Yeah, I've never gotten those complaints.  That said, LNHY's restrictions
have their own advantages; for instance, one can contribute to the universe
without ever writing a story by creating a character. (My girlfriend
created a member of the System Corruptors that I'm going to introduce
whenever I write another issue of Looniverse Y.)

> In the classic LNH, what characters are okay to use, has always been one
> of biggest flamewar starters.  Certain Public Domain characters, like
> Cheesecake Eater Lad and Dr. Stomper, aren't really Public Domain
> characters.  They're characters whose creators kind of abandoned them
> and it eventually just became acceptable to use them without permission.
>    A lot of the old-timers in the classic LNH know which characters they
> can use without permission without worrying about a writer coming back
> to bite their head.  A lot of the ethics around this is rather murky.

I've been trying to adapt this into the regular LNH with Free For Use, but
while that at least avoids the legal issues of "Public Domain", it doesn't
do anything about the murkiness for older characters whose creators never
gave permission.

> A2.1  It's a vast place filled with billions and billions of galaxies
> and stars.  One of these stars is called Sun Y.  Sun Y has nine or so
> planets (there are rumors of invisible planets).

And, of course, Susan B. Anthony is now considered a dwarf planet.

> Net.ropolis is usually the city that contains the LNHQ
> (Legion of Net.Heroes Headquarters), although I guess there is nothing
> stopping it from being put in, say, Jamaica.

LNHY Summer Special!

> Q2.2   What are LNHQ Pills?

> Q2.3   What is the New LNH Member Detector?

I assume there are System Corrupters versions of both of these?

> At the current moment there are no System Corrupters and the leadership
> position for the System Corrupters is still open.

Whoop, better fix this one.

> Q2.5   As long as the alternate universes in question are confined to
> the LNHY Imprint.  Alternate universes from other imprints are off
> limits for the first year atleast.

And this one, for that matter.

> A3.5   Oh sure.  Why not.  In the Classic LNH, there was only one (as
> far as I'm aware) election which the Ultimate Ninja won.  And they
> haven't had another election since.

And this one!

> I figure every year there should be a election (assuming there's
> interest for one).  The first election will take place a year from now
> (assuming LNHY is still around at that time).

And this... well, obviously it shouldn't be annual, but it does seem like a
plot that would be interesting.  Eventually.

> Q4.2   Who are the writers of LNHY?
> A4.2   Currently there are four.
> Saxon Brenton   (saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au)
> Martin Phipps   (martinphipps2 at yahoo.com)
> Arthur Spitzer  (arspitzer at earthlink.net)
> Andrew Perron

This would be pwerdna at gmail.com

> Q4.5   I found this imprint in the archives, but no one who writes for
> it seems to be around anymore.  What should I do?
> A4.5   You have two choices.  You can ignore it, or you can take it
> over.  I created this imprint so it could exist without needing anyone
> to run it.  If you should find this imprint ten years from now
> abandoned, then make it your own.

And thank you for making it this way!  Even though it hasn't really been
abandoned, it made it easy to write a new issue of the flagship title.

> Q4.6     Do I get something if I write an issue of Looniverse Y?
> A4.6     Funny you should ask that.  Yes, in fact every person who
> writes an issue of Looniverse Y and makes a character of theirs a member
> of the LNH or Systems Corrupters gets a copy of the never before seen
> Omaha Project: The Unusable Chapter.  But you have to do both.  If you
> just write an issue of Looniverse Y or just create a member of the LNH
> or System Corrupters you get nothing.  Once you get your copy, you are
> forbidden to post it or show it to anyone else.

Oh, speaking of this...

> Have fun!
> Arthur "Never Asked" Spitzer

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, an LNHY version of Cauliflower?

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