LNHY: Never Asked Questions about LNHY (updated)

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Tue Dec 21 18:38:19 PST 2010

On 12/21/10 3:16 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Dec 2010 05:36:14 +0000 (UTC), Arthur Spitzer wrote:

>> The reason for this is that for as long as I can remember there have
>> always been complaints about how the LNH was too big.  Even back in '93,
>> when I discovered the LNH, people were complaining about the size of the
>> LNH.  Now I personally don't think that the LNH is too big, and I'd say
>> that a thousand member cast is part of the LNH's charm, but I do get why
>> people might find the LNH's size overwhelming.
> Yeah, I've never gotten those complaints.  That said, LNHY's restrictions
> have their own advantages; for instance, one can contribute to the universe
> without ever writing a story by creating a character. (My girlfriend
> created a member of the System Corruptors that I'm going to introduce
> whenever I write another issue of Looniverse Y.)

I suppose if nothing else LNHY did prove that all of those reasons 
people thought of for why the LNH wasn't getting any new blood anymore 
were all completely wrong...

>> Q2.2   What are LNHQ Pills?
>> Q2.3   What is the New LNH Member Detector?
> I assume there are System Corrupters versions of both of these?

Yeah, if I ever get around to writing Looniverse Y #8 I'll introduce 
both those things....

>> I figure every year there should be a election (assuming there's
>> interest for one).  The first election will take place a year from now
>> (assuming LNHY is still around at that time).
> And this... well, obviously it shouldn't be annual, but it does seem like a
> plot that would be interesting.  Eventually.

You can hold an election if you want... too lazy to do it myself... but 
I will vote if someone does one...

>> Q4.6     Do I get something if I write an issue of Looniverse Y?
>> A4.6     Funny you should ask that.  Yes, in fact every person who
>> writes an issue of Looniverse Y and makes a character of theirs a member
>> of the LNH or Systems Corrupters gets a copy of the never before seen
>> Omaha Project: The Unusable Chapter.  But you have to do both.  If you
>> just write an issue of Looniverse Y or just create a member of the LNH
>> or System Corrupters you get nothing.  Once you get your copy, you are
>> forbidden to post it or show it to anyone else.
> Oh, speaking of this...

Yeah, forgot about that... will see if I can dig it up on my hard 
drive... I suppose I should give one to Saxon too... since he wrote a 
bunch of LNHY stories... although never got around to doing a Looniverse 
Y issue...

>> Have fun!
>> Arthur "Never Asked" Spitzer
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, an LNHY version of Cauliflower?

Probably not... maybe Gothic Gorilla can have a LNHY version since the 
LNH one got a crappy death...

Arthur "Where is that Omaha Project story?" Spitzer

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