META: Top RACC Posters of All Time

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Tue Dec 21 00:17:37 PST 2010

In article <pvSdnVwgpfazjI3QnZ2dnUVZ_j6dnZ2d at>,
Arthur Spitzer  <arspitzer at> wrote:
>Damn... looks like Andrew has caught up to me...
>1339 milos_par... at
>904 ea... at
>739 martinphip... at
>608 tiffer... at
>558 Arthur Spitzer
>558 Andrew Perron
>498 Martin
>448 cabbagewiel... at
>433 asvee... at
>390 dq... at
>Oh well... it was sweet while it lasted...
>I figure with all the posts he's been writing he's due for a complete 
>burn out one of these days...

     Those numbers are kinda suspect.  The page says I've only made 340 posts
to RACC, but I've posted more than 300 ASH stories and files ALONE, ignoring
LNH, Superguy, comments, etc.  It's missing a LOT of data.

     Dave Van Domelen, also has trouble believing he only made 46 posts to
alt.comics.lnh, which is what Google Groups claims.  Even if it's only
counting back to 1997.

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