META: Who reviews the reviewers?

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Wed Mar 11 17:09:17 PDT 2009

On Weds 11 March 2009 Lalo  wrote:

> Thanks for the read.
> I liked your reviews of Ash, Kinky Romance, and Thunderclap. But 
> generally, I'd like to point out that a summary is not a review :-)
heh.  Yes, I am aware of the discrepency between the title of the 
series and what actually goes on within the series.  Jamas Enright 
has been pointing out this to me for years.  I dunno, maybe I 
should change the title to 'End of Month Summaries' or perhaps 
'End of Month Awareness Program', or something.
(or maybe I should just do what I did with Jamas, and obstinately 
all ignore you into submission...  Oops, sorry, did I write that 
out loud?)
Saxon Brenton
"You draw an innocent little comic strip, you try to bring a dash 
of joy into people's lives in these troubled times, and before you 
know it folks are describing steam-powered copper wangs and using 
the term 'teledildonics.' Where did I go wrong in my life?" 
- Shaenon Garrity  [16/Jan/2009] 
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