LNH: 58.5 #47: Iz In Ur Sequelz Swechin Ur Baytz

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 13:01:42 PDT 2009

This issue is drawn by an artist heavily influenced by Alan
Davis, so when I describe a scene, imagine Alan Davis drawing
it.  Here we go then.

Earth 308.

We're in a beach; there's nobody in sight.  I'm not talking
about the gorgeous entertainment spots that the word "beach"
evokes for most people, in most places, especially California
Hawaii, or the Caribbean; I'm thinking more along the lines of
the miserable gray-ish sad places you'll find, for example, in
the British coast.  There's way too many little stones in the
sand, and the sea is a bit too dirty to swim in.

Now.  You know the BANG sound you get when you pop a balloon or
a paper bag?  Now imagine there's a thin layer of a very
resistant material, which we quaintly call "the laws of
physics", separating different universes, or different locations
in the same universe.  Then some troublemaker comes along with a
very sharp needle... you get the picture, right?  Or rather, the
sound; you get the sound.

The sound is followed by the usual visual effect.  It closely
corresponds to the sound.  Seen from the correct angle, it looks
like you're looking straight at a stack of paper, which someone
punched a hole through.  Which, of course, is exactly what
happened, in a way.  Except not really paper.

>From out of the rip (it's called a Bang Path, in case you
haven't been following this series -- shame on you!) comes the
Mystic Bandwagon, apparently in a hurry.  It skids to a halt in
the gray-ish sand, and the Bang Path closes behind it.  The door
opens, and most of our cast simply falls out: Bandwagon Chick,
guardian and usual pilot of the Mystic Bandwagon, dressed like a
cowboy.  Howie K., dressed like a viking warrior.  Cannon
Fodder, in a Roman toga.  Pantra, in a three-piece suit and
black tie.  Tree-Hugging Kid, dressed like Carmen Miranda.
Analytic, dressed in a furry bunny suit.  Contraption Boy, in a
kimono.  Fan Boy, all tied up and gagged.  And Old Ugly, in a
pink dress and blond curly wig.

Who's missing?  Well, Blur is in the bandwagon.  Being more or
less invisible, this New Misfit escaped from having to wear a
disguise in one of the many stops the group made in the last few
days; and not having a body, Blur didn't get thrown off a seat
by the questionable Mystic Bandwagon piloting skills of the
final member of the group, Blackbird.  Who is dressed exactly as
usual, and sitting in the driver's seat, looking at the others
with a "what's wrong with you people?" expression in his face.

"This just isn't working", says Bonnie, after taking Green's
left foot out of her face.

"Nope", agrees Analytic, who just finished using his
supernatural observation powers to figure out which of those
innumerable body parts in the pile belong to him.

"Sorry", says Blur.  "This is the best I can do; track the
Xinerama Brother we fought.  He has definitely been in all of
these worlds, except for this one."

"And why the !=*!&=$ are we here rather than the Looniverse
again?", Pantra asks.

"Honestly?", Blackbird says, scratching his chin.  "I have no
clue.  Seemed like a good idea at the time."

Pan to a cliff just to the west of where they are.  A group of
teenagers is looking at the new arrivals, some of them with

"There they are", one of them says.  "Right where she said,
right when she said."

"Come on, gang", says another, stashing his binoculars in a belt
pocket (don't ask me how they fit).  "Let's go introduce
ourselves, before they get in too much trouble."


Who Cares Studios derivatively presents...
                        __________    ______
                       / ____( __ )  / ____/
                      /___ \/ __  | /___ \
                     ____/ / /_/ / ____/ /


                 The Two-Way Mirror Mountain

                       by Lalo Martins



"So what next?", asked Bonnie.

"Can I go hunt something?", asked Pantra.  "I'm starving."

"I say we go back to the Looniverse", said Sammy.

"Gee, it's such a bummer to have gone to all this trouble for
nothing", Wally said.

"Not for nothing", said Cannon Fodder, who was however feeling
very bummed indeed.  "At least we discovered they have a barrier
of some kind protecting their universe, so tracking them won't
work.  I'm really at a loss for how to find them."

Pantra suddenly stopped cleaning her paws and stood upright and
very still.

"What is it?", Sammy asked.

"Old Ugly got it too", said Daniel.  "We're about to be--"

Too late; they were blanketed with a blast of very loud boy band
music.  A cloud of darts followed it; but Cannon Fodder reacted
quickly and jumped in front of them, dying instantly, but in
great pain.  Some ivy sprouted from nowhere and immobilized Old
Ugly; Pantra escaped the same fate by a hair, but just in time
to see a green rhino stampeding in her direction.  (Is it still
a stampede if it's one rhino?)

Blackbird erected a barrier against the music, and The New
Misfits quickly got themselves battle-ready.

Pantra tackled the rhino, which shapeshifted into a kind of
werewolf, and then the two of them became a mess of claws and
fangs, growling and roaring.

Green tried to convince the ivy to release Old Ugly, but it told
Green it was only following orders.  He got a few animals around
to help her, but then she (and his animals) were attacked by a
variety of plants, and a girl of 13 or so in a costume
disturbingly too sexy for her age.

"Who are you?  Why are you attacking us?"

"I'm Killer Weed.  I'm here to spy on my team, then betray and
kill them.  But right now I'm still in the spying part, so I
have to pretend to be one of them, and that means fighting you."

"Oh, hmm, all right then."

Sammy was in a dirty hand-to-hand fight with a black boy dressed
in a bug suit.  He didn't often get physical, but he was a
passable fighter, especially when the fight consisted more of
studying and predicting the opponent than landing blows[*].

[* As seen on issue #7 with Mr. Trend -- Footnote Cybergirl]

Why wasn't the boy in the bug suit fighting Howie instead?
Well, Howie was busy trying to reach a girl who had a white,
red, green and black costume, dozens of darts strapped all
over, before she could hit him with a dart.

Another girl approached Blackbird's barrier and caressed it with
her hand.  She was dressed mostly in black vinyl, with
high-heel, high-cut boots, and a doggie collar.  "Oh", she said.
"I can feel the suffering and lack of purpose in this.  It
reflects my own doubt and lack of self-esteem.  It's beautiful."
She took off the long gloves from her left hand, and a sort of
wooden object started to emerge from her forearm.  "When teenage
angst is felt", she said, seemingly in a trance, "let the ferule
of woe emerge!"  And once armed with her magic ferule, she
started a duel of magic versus gothness with Blackbird.

That allowed the part-machine young man of indeterminate
ethnicity, who had launched the original attack, to try again;
but he was soon matched by Daniel, and the two of them got into
a kind of hacking contest, trying to take control of each
other's gear.

Another battle was happening in the same place, invisible and
almost independent.  The native team's speedster had tried to
run between the New Misfits and disarm or disable them; but he
found he could never quite reach them, that the faster he
moved, the less things seemed to be in the place where he
expected them.  That was, of course, Blur's doing.

And of course, the whole battle would end very, very fast if the
most powerful member of the home team was able to get to the
battle site.  She was a blonde, like all other girls in the
team, and I swear I didn't do that on purpose; and she had more
powers than I can be bothered to list.

Yet, she couldn't reach the scene.  She was flying as fast as
she could, using her powers to the limit, but the more she
pushed, the more the wind pushed back.

"Listen", said Wally, who was floating near her.  "Gosh, I don't
even know who you people are.  Why can't we all just get along
and go have a milk-shake and talk this over?"

"Let-- me-- GO!"

"No, gee, I mean it.  Your friends seem like swell, decent
people, the kind my friends would like.  Why do we have to
fight?  I don't get it!"

She shot Mighty Obliterating Rays from her eyes in his
direction, but the wind carried him out of the way.

"Good, good", he said, "at least you're looking at me now."


Down by the beach, Analytic dodged a kick, and swiftly threw his
hand at a very precise spot.  When Bugsy faced him again, Sammy
was triumphantly holding in his outstretched hand a package of
condoms.  Bugsy just smiled, and let his guard down.

The dialog that followed between them was a sequence of grunts,
loose syllables, and body language, and took about twenty-three
seconds; but I'll put it in words, for the reader's benefit:

"Very good."

"Thanks", Sammy said.  "You weren't bad yourself."

Bugsy looked around.  "Think they had enough?"

"Guess so.  Except for Pantra, she never does."

"Should we stop them?"

"I gather we have limited time, and you still have explanations
you want to make."


"So I'll leave it up to you, it depends on how limited that is."

"We don't know for sure.  If bad comes to worse, Witch Princess
can teleport us."

"So can our Secretary Box.  But you'd rather not, right?"

"I'd rather not.  Even the small risk that that could be tracked
is too much to take, in the current climate our world is going
through.  Yeah, I'll explain in a moment."

Sammy whistled very loud, and yelled: "New Misfits!  Come here!"

And Bugsy joined him: "Young Teens!  Knock it off!"

Soon the teams had stopped fighting, and formed a loose circle
around Bugsy.  Quick Kid was roasting some barbecue.

L.E.D. was by Cannon Fodder, examining him.  "Sorry we killed
your friend, we didn't mean to."

"I didn't aim it to be lethal", said Angel Dart.  "Oh my god, I
never killed a person before.  How am I going to live with--"

"Oh, don't even start", said Bonnie.  "He'll be fine."

"But, but, he's dead."

"Yeah.  It's what he does.  Don't think about it too much."

Green Jim, Pantra, Tree-Hugging Kid and Killer Weed were
fraternizing.  Well, most of them were.

"That was fun, wasn't it?", said Jim.

"Good exercise", said Pantra.

"With all we have to do", Killer Weed said, "all the people who
really want us dead or in prison, I can't wrap my head around
fighting people for fun."

"Yeah", said Jim, "you do seem to have a problem with the whole
concept of fun.  Come on, live a little!  Things may be dark,
but I'll go down laughing rather than despair!"

"We'll see if you're still laughing when I betray and kill you
and all your friends", said Killer Weed.

"Haha", Green Jim laughed.  "Isn't she hilarious?  Her traitor
routine never gets old."

She seemed pretty aggravated by that.  "It's not a routine, you
guacamole-headed cretin, I'm dead serious!  Why can't you people
just listen to me?"

"I hear you, sister", said Witch Princess.  "Men!  They say they
care, but they never really listen!"

"Aaaargh", Weed screamed.

Elsewhere, Bugsy was eating a hot-dog and explaining things to
the New Misfits around him.

"So we're going through a pretty dark time in our world.  It's a
complicated story, but in short, you could say evil won, and now
pretty much has a free reign."

"Aw come on", Howie insisted.  "Give us at least a bit of the
complicated story."

"No, really.  Even we have a hard time understand it.  It has to
do with a war that we technically lost, started by one final
invasion by shape-shifting alien gods who were technically
already dead, and well, they technically cleaned our clock.  It
was mostly Cockroachman who saved the day, but one of our big
villains had a big and very public role, and in the end he
managed not only to get all the credit, but blame the original
problem on Cockroachman... who died in the war, thanks to a
giant shoe, so isn't around to defend himself."

"Hmm.  I more or less follow you.  So he turned the public--"

"Not only the public, but the governments.  He's now in charge
of planetary defense, and that includes against us, the
'terrorist' enhanceds who aren't working for him."

"All right, *now* you lost me."

"Listen, the hows and whys don't matter.  What you guys need to
know is, the head honcho of our world is a former villain,
scratch that, it's a villain period, and any enhanced who isn't
working for him is a terrorist.  That includes you."


"But you were waiting for us", said Blackbird.  "That didn't
look like a coincidence."

"No, you're right.  Years ago, and no, really, MANY years ago,
one of the founders of, well, the second incarnation of our
group, the original Witch Princess--"

"In a way", said L.E.D., "she was *the* founder.  She brought us
all together.  The first Bugsy and the first Quick Kid, who were
in the original Young Teens, and me and Green Jim.  She prepared
us for the attack of the Nephilim, these giant mythic creatures
worshiped by our parents... then she helped us defeat them."

"Yeah", Bugsy said, "before my time.  Anyway, what I do know is,
she left us instructions.  She predicted you'd come, and she
told us the date and place, and what to do when you arrived."

"And what would that be?", Howie asked.

"You and we are going to break someone out of prison."

"Say what?"

"Yeah.  It didn't make sense then, but now with the villains in
power, it actually does.  See, there is this weird guy named
Ixnay.  He's been around forever, although he told us in your
world, it's been only a few days since he left.  Seems time can
get screwy when you move between universes."

"I'll say."

"But it seems Ixnay has information you want, and that means we
need to break him out."

"You say this Ixnay is from our world?", Blackbird asked.

"Not quite.  But he's been there before he came here."

"All right... we'll trust your Witch Princess, I guess.  What
happened to her anyway?"

"Oh, she died last year.  She was killed by a clone-robot-thing
of Godly Guy.  Very tragic, the younger Witch Princess never
quite got over it."

Blackbird pondered a moment, then got up decisively.

"All right then.  We'll go get your Ixnay person."

Then he looked around and sat down again.  "Hmm.  As soon as
Cannon Fodder is alive again.  Meanwhile, could you pass me
another skewer please?"


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Looniverse, there is a forest.  It's
a very old and famous one; a number of important things have
happened here over the years.

Today, as it happens, there's nobody here.  No human being or
any other sentient creature in miles.  Just those cute giant
white things moving towards Washing.net.on.  Pay them no mind.

And then... a tree falls.

Being an omniscient narrator, I could tell you whether or not it
made a noise, but that would be a spoiler, wouldn't it?


"All right", said Bugsy.  "We're in the right floor.  Now if we
can go through the force field and strongstuffium door that
block the Absurd Security wing, we're done."

Fan Boy threw a look of admiration at him and Analytic.  "Gee.
You guys are sure great at this whole planning thing.  If anyone
were to ask me how to get sixteen people and a trilobite into a
top-security government installation undetected, why, I'd have
assumed that would be impossible."

"Nothing is impossible with the right planning", said Bugsy.

"So I do have a shot at dating Summer Glau?", asked Green Jim.

"Almost nothing", Bugsy answered.

"She has way too much forehead", said Blackbird, to odd looks
from everyone else.  "What?  I do watch TV now and then."

Daniel was hard at work on the force field.  "Well.  This will
be open iiiin... aaaand... all right, it's open."

"So what about the strongstuffium door?", asked Howie.

Before anyone could answer, though, Godly Girl ripped it off its
hinges in one pull.

"HOLY MOTHER OF ELVIS, Karine", yelled Bugsy.  "What part of
discretion is too complicated for a goddess to understand?"

"The strategies of cowards--"

"Chill down, this can be salvaged", said Bandwagon Chick.

"Really?", Bugsy growled.  "The state's enhanced goons will be
here in a moment's notice.

"But they know nothing about us.  Your team can distract them,
while we go get Ixnay, and meet you later in your secret base."

"Hmm.  That may work."

"I'll stay with the New Young Teens", announced Cannon Fodder.
"If I go with you, violence is likely to follow.  And having
someone they don't know to fight may throw the state team off a
bit.  I hope."

"Well, if this is where violence will be", said Pantra, "I guess
I'd better stay too."  She kissed Sammy on the cheek.

And soon, after the New Misfits were off looking for Ixnay
(obscured by a much-practiced joint use of Blackbird's and
Blur's powers), the New Young Teens got busy, pretending to be
trying to break out all prisoners.

"Come on, team", said Bugsy.  "We need to do what we came here
for, before the Thundersquad--"

"Really", said someone in a suit of enhanced armor that was
clearly one of Cockroachman's, modified so that it didn't look
so much like a cockroach, with limited success.  "You think a
gang of teenage terrorists can break into our former base of
operations, and we wouldn't know?"

"And anyway", said a woman in a sexy red-white-blue costume,
"we're not the Thundersquad, we're the Old School."

"You can save that for the media", Angel Dart spat.  "We know
the Old School, and you're not worthy of cleaning their boots."

"Ah", said the man, "but that's just it, isn't it?  Like it or
not, we're the Old School now.  We're the good guys, and you
kids are just wanted terrorists."

"I don't know how you pulled that off", said Bugsy, "but to me,
you're still a minor villain, Hex."

"The name is Union Hero now.  And you're all under arrest."

Meanwhile, Godly Girl decided to forfeit the banter stage, and
engaged Kali, the Thundersquad's heavy hitter.  "Finally, an
opponent on my level!"

"You delude yourself, child", answered Kali.

"Child?  I'm thousands of years old, and I was already kicking
ass before your people came into being!"

"Show me", Kali said, and darted.

Speaking of darts, Angel Dart seemed to have a more personal
bone to pick with one of the enemies.

"I can't believe I finally have a chance to give you the beating
you've been asking for", she said.

"Come now", said the man she was talking to.  "We shouldn't
fight.  Angel Dart is supposed to be Ton 80's sidekick."

She gagged, as if about to throw up.  "Ton 80?  You can wear his
costume, Dead-Eye, but you're no Ton 80."

"When teenage angst is felt", said Witch Princess, "let the
ferule of woe emerge!"

"Your borrowed magic is no match for me", said Fist Lady, the
woman in red-white-blue.

Meanwhile, Cannon Fodder was just watching these interactions,
trying to learn a bit about his enemy before engaging.  Sadly,
his meditations were interrupted, as a member of the
Thundersquad who didn't quite seem to have decided what shape he
wanted to be jumped from between his colleagues, and bit off
Fodder's head.


Green Jim started to move is his direction, but Pantra pushed
him aside.  "No", she hissed, with a truly scary smile in her
face.  "Leave him to me."

The last member of the Thundersquad was what you could call a
legacy villain, the daughter of one of the oldest classic
enhanced villains of that world.  She went by the name of
Outrage.  And right now, she was standing her own against a
combined assault of L.E.D. and Quick Kid, despite her apparent
lack of powers.

"Killer Weed", Bugsy called out to his teammate, who was in a
corner, just watching.  "Are you going to help?"

"Why?", she asked.  "I hate you all."

"Deliver the New Young Teams to me", said Union Hero, "and there
will be a place for you in my organization.  Maybe even the Old
School, if that's what you want."

"Sorry, Hexie", she said, checking her fingernails.  "I only
take orders from one raving psychopath, and that's not you."

"Then you'll fall with the others", said Fist Lady, hitting her
with a mystical blast.

She got up with a murderous look in her eyes.  "Darling,
congratulations, you just made this personal."

And the whole room erupted with vines which converged on the
sorceress, who put all her concentration in fighting them,
allowing Witch Princess to turn her into a plum pudding.

Outrage sneaked behind Witch Princess and was ready for a killer
strike, but she was wrapped in vines before she had a chance to
take it.  Witch Princess ran to check on L.E.D. (who was all
right, but his arms and legs had been ripped off) and Quick Kid
(who was in need of medical attention).

Angel Dart and Dead-Eye were locked in a standoff, until he got
trampled by a green bull, who then reverted to the shape of
Green Jim and tried to get a kiss as thanks.  Naturally, he got
yelled at instead, for interfering with her honor battle.

Godly Girl didn't need to worry about that; none of her
teammates was insane enough to come between her and Kali.
Scratch that; most of them probably were crazy enough, but as it
is, none of them did.  And what an epic battle it was, the
details of which will be told in legends for centuries to come.
They will not, however, be told in this comic, because I'm
pretty tired of writing fight scenes already.  So feel free to
imagine a glorious splash page with two goddesses pounding the
grife out of each other.  It ends with Godly Girl flying Kali
into an underground pool of lava.  Alas, in a comic-based world,
it sucks to be a deity from a pantheon where flight is not a
commonly expected power.

The only Thundersquad member who seemed about to win his fight
was the Union Hero.  That is, of course, until he had his chest
blasted to atoms by a just-revived Cannon Fodder.

"Oops.  Assumed his armor would be stronger."

"I don't believe it", said Bugsy.  "Did we just defeat the
Thundersquad?  Seriously?"

"We're missing one", L.E.D. said, looking around and noticing
Pantra sitting in a corner, idly straightening out her fur.
"What happened to Freak?"

"Pantra!", inquired Bugsy.

"Yeah, yeah, what?"

"What about Freak?"


"Their shape-shifter.  What about him?"

She shrugged and licked her paws.  "He tasted like ~^@#@=$."

"Come on", said Cannon Fodder.  "Let's go look for the others."


He was a bit too late.  A few minutes earlier, the New Misfits
had opened a high-tech lock in the end of a corridor, and
entered a room where they found Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay, plus
an ape and a guy in a wheelchair playing with a Rubik cube.

~"I know you"~, Ixnay said.  ~"Don't I know you?"~

"We're the New Misfits", said Bonnie.  "We're here to take you
with us.  It seem you have information we need?"

Daniel proceeded to remove his restraints.

~"Where's Cannon Fodder?"~

"You'll meet him soon enough", Bonnie said.

But he seemed to panic, as if he had heard something that nobody
else had, something dangerous.

~"No.  We have to go."~

"My point entirely.  Come on, we'll take you to--"

~"No!  It's too late!  He's here!"~


"Wait", said Bugsy.  "Let me think about this for a second.
With your help, we just defeated the Thundersquad... and you
just killed the guy who was busy taking over our government!
That means-- that means--"

"Look", Cannon Fodder said, "good for you, but I really don't
have time, all right?  Can we please--"

~"Godd Fodder.  We meet again."~

"Say what?"

He turned around, to see a Xinerama brother standing in the
middle of the room.

~"You don't belong here, Godd Fodder."~  And turning to Pantra:
~"And neither do you.  What shall we do with the two of you?"~

"Botox Obama, I presume", said L.E.D.

~"You know of me.  So I assume you're harboring the renegade,
Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay."~

The cyborg smiled.  "We've had time to chat, these last few
years.  And he makes a killer chili."

~"Well, you will harbor him no longer."~

"I tend to agree", L.E.D. said.  "According to my sensors, he
left this universe a few seconds ago."

Botox Obama squinted his eyes, and his hands glowed.

~"You will be dealt with later"~, he finally decided.  ~"First,
I must see to these two cross-posting troublemakers.~  And he
pressed a button on his wrist device, taking himself, Cannon
Fodder, and Pantra to a holding cell on the Xinerama universe.


~"No!  It's too late!  He's here!"~

"He who?"

~"Botox Obama!  He can't have me!"~  And he squinted and shook
his head like Hiro Nakamura, cross-posting himself and the New
Misfits back to the Looniverse.

They appeared in the last place Ixnay had been in that universe;
an operations room in the P.A.N.I.C. central headquarters.  The
room was, at that moment, being used in planning an operation.
Meaning, it was full of soldiers.

"Oh my God", exclaimed Dramatic Pause Lass, who was wearing her
Dramatic Pause Lass costume.  She just stared at the New
Misfits, giving them time to asses their situation.  "I've been
looking for you guys everywhere", she finally continued.

"Well", Blackbird said with a measure of uncertainty.  "We're
here now.  What can we do for you?"

"You tell me", she said, and walked to a panel, activating a
projector.  The scene that appeared on the screen needed no
description, but for your benefit, she provided one anyway.
"Washing.net.on is about to be trampled by a dozen giant
marshmallow puppies.  Let's go."


 Bonnie Chique         Bandwagon Chick        Sue Clark's
 Kiwi Kiwii Kiwi       Howie K.               mine
 Godd Fodder           Cannon Fodder          wReam's
 Maisie Colbert        Pantra                 May B.'s
 Green Delaware        Tree-Hugging Kid       mine
 Meredith Samuels      Analytic               mine
 Daniel Hunt           Contraption Boy        mine
 Wally Windsor         Fan Boy                mine
 (artificial giant telepathic terrestrial
  trilobite)           Old Ugly               mine
 Blur                  Blur                   mine
 Blackbird Jones       Blackbird              mine
 Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay  (Xinerama bro)    mine
 Lieutenant Francesca  Dramatic Pause Lass    mine
   "Fran" Blake

And guest-starring The New New New New New Young Teens:
 Bugsy: gifted boy who adopted the identity of the original
        Cockroachman's original sidekick!
 Witch Princess II: a girl from Wundascyra raised by a Columbian
        family, recently discovered her legacy and her powers of
        angst-powered magic!  Soon in her own emo mini-series!
        (No, not really.)
 Quick Kid II: somehow related to the original Fast and the
        original Quick Kid (the current Fast), but there's time
        travel, incest, and gay marriage involved, you don't
        really want to know; suffice to say, he's annoying!
 L.E.D.: the Young Teen's multicultural cyborg and veteran of
        the team, he hasn't really changed much since the last
        time you've seen him!
 Green Jim: Years have passed but he's still the same age, go
        figure!  Might have something to do with his powers!
        Or maybe he's a skrull... wouldn't that be smart, a
        skrull infiltrator posing as a green shapeshifter?  Too
        bad this is the wrong universe!
 Angel Dart: Ton 80's and Liberty Eagle's adopted daughter, she
        has an incurable terminal disease, but is determined to
        live to the fullest the time she has left!
 Godly Girl: Godly Guy's cousin.  Yeah we did say he was the
        last survivor of his pantheon, yet now he's away dealing
        with his people, while his cousin is holding the fort
        for him... you know what, it's complicated!

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