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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 14:33:28 PST 2009

Let's try this again...

Have gotten two ballots so far...

You have till March 31st to send me one...

Just one note: I noticed that the description for LNHCP #57 said 
California Kid and although he appears in that issue the focus of the 
issue is Special Bonding Boy so I changed that.  Not sure if the person 
who sent that nomination got either the issue or description wrong, but 
I'm guessing description.  Who knows.  Sorry if that has confused 
anyone.  Wish I had caught it sooner.


      The RACCIES Hall of Fame are a two-step process:

       1.  Nominations.  Closed.

       2.  Elections.  Crunch time.  Pick three and rank them 1,2,3
      (no self-voting).  Track and field scoring in effect -- ie 1st is
      5pts, 2nd is 3pts and 3rd is 1pt.  Most points wins. Democracy
      in action!

           Election Period ends: MAR 31 2009

       NOTE:  Please return all nominations and ballots to the preferred
       email address of:
          arspitzer at earthlink.net
          (arspitzer at earthlink.net)

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Paul Hardy
Jessica "Jaelle" Ihimaera-Smiler
H. Jameel al-Khafiz
Peter "Tick" Milan
Rob Rogers
Matt "Badger" Rossi
Marc Singer
Jennifer "Mistlock" Whitson

       HALL.OF.FAME2.  FAVORITE SERIES:  as billed, not implemented

Dvandom Force [LNH]
Easily Discovered Man  [LNH]
Guttertrash  [Misc]
Legion of Occult Heroes  [LNH]
LNH Triple Play  [LNH]
Particle Man [LNH]
Tempest  [Omega]
Writers Block Woman (& Mouse) [LNH]

       HALL.OF.FAME3.  FAVORITE MINI-SERIES:  12 issues or less,
       including one-shots

Cauliflower, the Christmas Miracle Pooch [LNH]
CAW! The Miniseries  [LNH]
The Flame Wars [LNH]
Lurk of Faith  [LNH]
Pigs in Space  [LNH]
Retcon Midnight  [LNH]
War Without Worlds [LNH]

       HALL.OF.FAME4.  FAVORITE ARC: multi-issue storyline that
       is NOT HALL.OF.FAME3

BloodKitty Saga (Tales of the LNH 291-299) [LNH]
Constellation #21-24 (Robot Invasion)  [LNH]
Infinite Leadership Crisis (LNH Comics Presents #35-502) [LNH]
Legacy #27-32 (The Fix Saga)  [Omega]
LNH Comics Presents #26-32 (Bad Timing Boy vs Good Timing Girl)  [LNH]
Tales of the American Dream #10-14 (Beginnings) [TAD]
Voyeur #5-7 (Triage)  [Omega]
X-Post Facto (Dvandom Force 46-48) [LNH]


Aeneas & Ferris Special VI (final issue) [LNH]
Legacy #16 (Warren)  [Omega]
Legion Of Occult Heroes #4 (death of an alt.universe)  [LNH]
Limp-Asparagus Lad #55 (Sept. 11 issue) [LNH]
LNH Comics Presents #57 (Infinite Leadership Crisis: Special Bonding 
Boy) [LNH]
RAC Challenge! Vol. I  Ch. 15 (The Badger battles God)  [Racchallenge]
Refugees of Net.ropolis #5 (Dr. Medulla)  [LNH]
Tempest #10 (The End of Eric Anderson)  [Omega]


Archer Sloane  [Omega]
Comics Snob Boy  [LNH]
Jellomancer  [NTB]
Mouse [LNH]
Nyla Shapire (Aventine) [PATROL]
Self-Righteous Preacher  [LNH]
Tsar Chasm [LNH]


Culinary Disasters  (LNH Comics Presents #26-32) [LNH]
Jungle Cheesecake (Ultimate Ninja/System Corrupters) [LNH]
Machine/Constellation Crossover (Constellation #18-19, Machine
#10-12) [LNH/Patrol]
Nicks Of Time (Decibel Dude & Vigilante Guy meets Agents of P.U.L.P.) 
Robot Invasion [LNH]
Saviors of the Net [LNH]
Three Day Lull  [LNH]
Wrath of the Administrator  [NTB]

       HALL.OF.FAME8:  FAVORITE CONTRIBUTOR: a person who has
       contributed a lot to RACC or alt.comics.lnh.  Creating imprints,
       characters, feedback, writing reviews, essays, managing the
       archives, websites, starting flame wars and so on

Jeff "Drizzt" Barnes
Ray "wReam" Bingham
Saxon Brenton
Todd "Scavenger" Kogutt
"Joltin" Jeff McCoskey
Martin Phipps
Tom Russell
Ken Schmidt

              **For HALL.OF.FAME4, include issue numbers, if known**

              **For HALL.OF.FAME5, include short blurb that identifies

Arthur "RACC the Vote" Spitzer

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