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Thanks to the vigilance of Eagle, I feel confident that *this* reply to 
Dvandom's comments will go through...
On Monday 29/June/2009 Dvandom replied:
>> The Weed Wacker Vigilante is, of course, based on the Chainsaw 
>> Vigilante from the _Tick_ comics. I've never read one of his appearances, 
>> so the WWV's speech patterns are probably nowhere near similar.
> Correct, no where near similar. :) The Chainsaw Vigilante is cursed to 
> be the last sane man in an insane world. In the Tick universe, becoming a 
> superhero is one of the "normal" expressions of midlife crisis, so you have a 
> LOT of middle-aged men running around in costumes with dubious gadgets and 
> gimmicks. CSV's mission in life is to convince these idiots to get a 
> sportscar or have an affair or something else that's NOT likely to put lives 
> in danger. The merest touch of his chainsaw is enough to convince most 
> superheroes to hang up the tights and take up model railroading or whatnot.
Oh I know his backstory and personality. I picked up a random copy of _Circus 
of the Mighty_ once and also recall a rant you did on CSV miniseries.  On the 
deepest level of character - of personality and motivation - there's no doubt 
that WWV is a complete inversion of CSV. But on the superficial level of 
appearance and method-of-operation he has to look the same if he's to work 
as a parody/homage/ripoff (I can't realistically add 'satire' here, since I 
feel I would have to be working with his deeper character traits rather than 
replacing them wholsesale with a funhouse mirror reflection.). That just 
leaves a third aspect of the character - the speech patterns - which by 
rights I should have made similar because they are at the superficial level. 
But I no way of quickly and easily checking what the original spoke like.
And apropos of nothing, the way that non-supers having mid-life crises tend 
to dress up in costume in the Tick universe somehow always reminds me of 
Dr Manhattan's observations early on in _Watchmen_ of how he doesn't fit 
in with his other costumed peers and their social club outlook.
Saxon Brenton
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