LNH: 58.5 #46: I Can't Help It, The Characters, They Just Keep Coming

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>Thanks for the comments, very motivating!

No problem! ^-^

>quoth Andrew Perron as of Sun, 01 Mar 2009 04:08:23 +0000:
>> See, I get everything about the parodies except this part.  Why the
>> Manhattan-in-the-wrong-place?
>Eeeh, that's me being dyslexic.  It's Northeast.  I'll fix it in the 
>trade.  o.O

Ohhhhhh.  Heh heh heh. >->;

>>>They were
>>>both heavily armed, but their weapons were well concealed, so you
>>>couldn't tell; they were dressed like regular people you'd expect to
>>>find in that neighborhood.
>> "So you couldn't tell"
>So you couldn't tell what you meant here either?

Huh, could've sworn I finished that sentence.  What I meant was that
"So you couldn't tell" shouldn't be in the sentence; concealing your
weapons well means you can't tell they're there.

>> Mmmkay, the fusions are pretty cool.  Flashlight felt the most like an
>> Amalgam character
>Thanks... Flash/Quicksilver is just no fun, except for pointing out the 
>ridiculous extent to which they're already the same character :-P

Bah!  They're so totally not >->

>>>"aaah, I kind of don't think so", she answered.  On her cue, Pantra
>>>snapped quickly, and disarmed the blonde.
>> Did what now?
>Don't bog me with details!  :-D  Yeah, I imagined it one way and wrote 
>another.  Now I don't remember what I imagined anymore.  Probably kicked 
>the gun away.

Makes more sense.  I guess a sort of martial arts snap-kick?

>>>"We can't be", said the Amazing Amazon.  "This is the last chance we
>>>have to catch them before Stuff.org, we must tell them before it's too
>>>late, and everything is lost!"
>> I forget, what's Stuff.org a net.name for?


>Embarrassingly enough, after I wrote that and posted (in 2007), it 
>occurred to me to check if stuff.org does exist as a website.  It does, 
>it's some family's private photo place.  Sorry, stuff.org owners!  :-P

Wonk wonk waa!

>> This, I think, is a bit too close to the original storyline. `.` (I like
>> the name Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay, though. XD)
>Issue #49 was written early last year, before FC started.  Now that FC 
>has already ended, I was amused by the points our plots had in common, 
>and I decided to riff on that a bit more.

You could riff more, though!  Parodier!  Pull ze strings!

>Note though, the part above isn't, actually, close to FC :-) Ogama didn't 
>kill Nix Uotan, Nix didn't "reweave" himself, and he didn't "awake" by 
>meeting Weeja, rather he did when the rubik cube guy helped him remember 
>her.  Parody apart, Morrison and I are, in the end, telling different 
>stories, and there are different goals being pursued here.

Ahhhhh.  ...I've only read the first couple of issues of FC, so. >>;

>> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I'm not adding these guys to the
>> wiki unless they show up again.
>They'll show up once more... then if anyone wants them, they're up for 

We'll see. u-u

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, and speaking of reviews...

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