LNH: 58.5 #46: I Can't Help It, The Characters, They Just Keep Coming

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>In an universe two floors down and a little to the left, most
>net.a.human (or "enhanced", as they call it) activity is
>centered around a large city in the Northwest coast of the Union
>States of Columbia, a sprawling urban wonder called-- Manhattan.

See, I get everything about the parodies except this part.  Why the

>They were
>both heavily armed, but their weapons were well concealed, so
>you couldn't tell; they were dressed like regular people you'd
>expect to find in that neighborhood.

"So you couldn't tell" 

>Starring -- The Old School:

Mmmkay, the fusions are pretty cool.  Flashlight felt the most like an
Amalgam character, and I especially liked this:

>  The grandson of Liberty Eagle's sidekick, adopted by
>  Cockroachman after his parents were found to be
>  enhanced-villains after his grandfather was brainwashed by the
>  Soviets, he has the most convoluted history in this world, and
>  he's black too!


>"Ohai", said Pantra from the street

I upgraded ur multiverse.

>"aaah, I kind of don't think so", she answered.  On her cue,
>Pantra snapped quickly, and disarmed the blonde.

Did what now?

> Fran took one more step towards Bonnie, both
>keeping each other in aim, a typical western staredown, with
>slightly more cleavage involved.


>No, *not* the fishnets either.  No, not-- what?  Hey, have some
>respect, she could be your grandmother!)

Heh heh heh.

>"We can't be", said the Amazing Amazon.  "This is the last
>chance we have to catch them before Stuff.org, we must tell them
>before it's too late, and everything is lost!"

I forget, what's Stuff.org a net.name for?

>And he exploded in light in front of them, as his false shape
>and false memories peeled away to reveal his true self: a
>Xinerama brother, remarkably alike the one who warned Cannon
>Fodder about everything,  but in a cooler outfit.
>~"Yes"~, he whispered.  ~"That's who I am.  Ixnay Onde
>Onitorjokesmay, the Xinerama brother of sci.physics.plutonium."~
>~"But they said--"~
>~"He killed me, Weeja.  Botox Obama killed me.  He's mad, and we
>must stop him."~

This, I think, is a bit too close to the original storyline. `.` (I
like the name Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay, though. XD)

>"Don't mention it, it was as good for me as it was for you.  And
>I told you already, cut the 'Princess' when there are no prying
>ears around.  You guys can call me Mary."

Ahhhhhhhhh, nice.  And fits with the description.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I'm not adding these guys to the
wiki unless they show up again.

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