LNH: 58.5 #46: I Can't Help It, The Characters, They Just Keep Coming

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Thanks for the comments, very motivating!

quoth Andrew Perron as of Sun, 01 Mar 2009 04:08:23 +0000:
> On Sat, 28 Feb 2009 19:07:15 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins
> <lalo.martins at gmail.com> wrote:
>>In an universe two floors down and a little to the left, most
>>net.a.human (or "enhanced", as they call it) activity is centered around
>>a large city in the Northwest coast of the Union States of Columbia, a
>>sprawling urban wonder called-- Manhattan.
> See, I get everything about the parodies except this part.  Why the
> Manhattan-in-the-wrong-place?

Eeeh, that's me being dyslexic.  It's Northeast.  I'll fix it in the 
trade.  o.O

(There won't be a trade, of course.  I'm just doing meta-parody on 
whatever screwup DC did with FC, can't remember now, but DD said they'd 
fix it in the trade.)

>>They were
>>both heavily armed, but their weapons were well concealed, so you
>>couldn't tell; they were dressed like regular people you'd expect to
>>find in that neighborhood.
> "So you couldn't tell"

So you couldn't tell what you meant here either?

> Mmmkay, the fusions are pretty cool.  Flashlight felt the most like an
> Amalgam character

Thanks... Flash/Quicksilver is just no fun, except for pointing out the 
ridiculous extent to which they're already the same character :-P

>>"aaah, I kind of don't think so", she answered.  On her cue, Pantra
>>snapped quickly, and disarmed the blonde.
> Did what now?

Don't bog me with details!  :-D  Yeah, I imagined it one way and wrote 
another.  Now I don't remember what I imagined anymore.  Probably kicked 
the gun away.

>>"We can't be", said the Amazing Amazon.  "This is the last chance we
>>have to catch them before Stuff.org, we must tell them before it's too
>>late, and everything is lost!"
> I forget, what's Stuff.org a net.name for?


Embarrassingly enough, after I wrote that and posted (in 2007), it 
occurred to me to check if stuff.org does exist as a website.  It does, 
it's some family's private photo place.  Sorry, stuff.org owners!  :-P

>>And he exploded in light in front of them, as his false shape and false
>>memories peeled away to reveal his true self: a Xinerama brother,
>>remarkably alike the one who warned Cannon Fodder about everything,  but
>>in a cooler outfit.
>>~"Yes"~, he whispered.  ~"That's who I am.  Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay,
>>the Xinerama brother of sci.physics.plutonium."~
>>~"But they said--"~
>>~"He killed me, Weeja.  Botox Obama killed me.  He's mad, and we must
>>stop him."~
> This, I think, is a bit too close to the original storyline. `.` (I like
> the name Ixnay Onde Onitorjokesmay, though. XD)

Issue #49 was written early last year, before FC started.  Now that FC 
has already ended, I was amused by the points our plots had in common, 
and I decided to riff on that a bit more.

Note though, the part above isn't, actually, close to FC :-) Ogama didn't 
kill Nix Uotan, Nix didn't "reweave" himself, and he didn't "awake" by 
meeting Weeja, rather he did when the rubik cube guy helped him remember 
her.  Parody apart, Morrison and I are, in the end, telling different 
stories, and there are different goals being pursued here.

>>"Don't mention it, it was as good for me as it was for you.  And I told
>>you already, cut the 'Princess' when there are no prying ears around. 
>>You guys can call me Mary."
> Ahhhhhhhhh, nice.  And fits with the description.

Ain't I a devious little bastard?  heh.

> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I'm not adding these guys to the
> wiki unless they show up again.

They'll show up once more... then if anyone wants them, they're up for 

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