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quoth Andrew Perron as of Wed, 25 Feb 2009 15:06:27 +0000:
> Hmmmm. Okay. And the Paraddox WM's timeline branches off with BOAV not
> ending the way it did and becomes the LNH2 timeline? And how'd he get to
> this timeline in the first place?

Yes.  Paraddox WM's timeline branches off from... hmm.  All right :-)

It all started as a kind of joke because BOAV took even longer than Beige 
Midnight to finish.  So, in my noobness, I assumed the incorrect date, 
and had WM make references to that in the story.  Now really, that didn't 
*require* an in-story explanation, but I figured it would be fun to give 
one; the idea (and it wasn't mine; I don't remember who came up with it 
though) is that a rogue Melissa clone, still roaming two years later, 
served as his ride into the big battle.  How the clone acquired the 
ability to time travel... well, it's Melissa we're talking about after 

After the 58.5 retcon, what actually happened was: in his timeline, BOAV 
was still going after 2 years.  He took a ride with a clone, expecting to 
end up wherever their base of operations was, but due to some malfuction, 
ended up in the wrong timeline, 2 years earlier.  (That malfunction may 
have been caused by the WM in Acra Flight/LNH2, which, as it has been 
established, is the one who sent the Minority Miss and Acra Flight TEBs 
to him/myself in the past.)

Soon after arriving in the battle, and before he could figure out he was 
in the wrong place and time, he was sent back to the 80s.  There, he 
saved the LNHers who had been sent back (and 80s!Stomper), thereby 
diverging our timeline from his; on his, Dr. Stomper was killed in the 
80s by that bomb and never joined the LNH.

(Although there is definitely a Stomper in the past of LNH2, as described 
in Martin's stories, so there's, hmm, a story waiting to be told there?)

So, uh.  You see where he picked his name from.

The garish outfit (that would be COIE's Pariah) was only worn in the 80s, 
briefly.  (Well, and all the way from there to 2000, but as a doll.)  
Paraddox as WM always used the grey suit and helmet.

WM2 used the grey suit sans helmet once, rescuing Minority Miss, then 
left the LNH again.  In his current, after-joining-the-LNH incarnation, 
in ILC and Weird Tales, he wears no costume; his outfit could be describe 
as "trenchcoat brigade with worse taste" -- formal trousers and 
trenchcoat, black, all right, but then boots and a shirt in a very loud 
colour, preferably orange.

Paraddox as Paraddox does have a garish costume, but I have neither 
designed or used it in a story yet.

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