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On Fri, 27 Feb 2009 01:36:18 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins
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>After the 58.5 retcon, what actually happened was: in his timeline, BOAV 
>was still going after 2 years.  He took a ride with a clone, expecting to 
>end up wherever their base of operations was, but due to some malfuction, 
>ended up in the wrong timeline, 2 years earlier.  (That malfunction may 
>have been caused by the WM in Acra Flight/LNH2, which, as it has been 
>established, is the one who sent the Minority Miss and Acra Flight TEBs 
>to him/myself in the past.)

Ahhhhhh, I see.  So instead of his intro scene and the "hahaha" lady
being at the same time as the scenes around it, it was two years

>Soon after arriving in the battle, and before he could figure out he was 
>in the wrong place and time, he was sent back to the 80s.  There, he 
>saved the LNHers who had been sent back (and 80s!Stomper), thereby 
>diverging our timeline from his; on his, Dr. Stomper was killed in the 
>80s by that bomb and never joined the LNH.

Ahhhh!  Okay.  I thought the divergence point was just him being
around to help.

...wait, though. Wasn't Melissa created using Doctor Stomper's
technology in the first place?

>(Although there is definitely a Stomper in the past of LNH2, as described 
>in Martin's stories, so there's, hmm, a story waiting to be told there?)

Oho. If I ever do an LNH2 story...

>So, uh.  You see where he picked his name from.

>From his unique ability to saute mushrooms to perfection, got it.

>The garish outfit (that would be COIE's Pariah) was only worn in the 80s, 
>briefly.  (Well, and all the way from there to 2000, but as a doll.)  
>Paraddox as WM always used the grey suit and helmet.

Oh, I see. *frantically edit wiki*

>WM2 used the grey suit sans helmet once, rescuing Minority Miss, then 
>left the LNH again.  In his current, after-joining-the-LNH incarnation, 
>in ILC and Weird Tales, he wears no costume; his outfit could be describe 
>as "trenchcoat brigade with worse taste" -- formal trousers and 
>trenchcoat, black, all right, but then boots and a shirt in a very loud 
>colour, preferably orange.

Gotcha. This is the native-to-the-LNH-timeline WM.

>Paraddox as Paraddox does have a garish costume, but I have neither 
>designed or used it in a story yet.

So he wears the same thing as above?

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, man.

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