NTB/MISC: I just noticed

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 21 17:56:56 PST 2009

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> So, here I am doing the final collations of the Looniverse elligibles 
> stories for 2009, and I've only just realised that there have been 
> no stories under the NTB imprint this year.  Gosh!  How can the 
> Net.Trenchcoat Brigade retain it's status as a shambling undead 
> zombie imprint if it doesn't make even a token appearance?
> [_Angry Beavers_ voice: ZAHM-bie imprint]
> Clearly I must dump the Cute Anna: Crypt Looter story that I was planning 
> for the fifth High Concept challenge and substitute one of those bastard 
> trenchcoaters.  Oh, this will have to be unpleasant.

Funny thing is... that I've had a completed NTB story ever since April
sitting in my hard drive... It's a Beige Midnight tie-in.  But there
is something I had to ask Lalo about it since it might or might not
tie in to 58.5... yet I've been to lazy to e-mail Lalo about it...

Okay... I guess I should e-mail Lalo about it... so maybe I can post
it before the year ends...

Arthur "Lazy..." Spitzer

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