LNH: 58.5 #48: Warning, Giant Marshmallow Puppies Inside

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 09:40:31 PDT 2009

quoth Andrew Perron as of Fri, 03 Apr 2009 16:14:26 +0000:
>>The problem with this answer, of course, is that you need to wait until
>>the end of the series, to know who's dead and who's in the team :-P
> Right, so the answer is, add it after the series ends. `-`v Gotcha.

I can tell you now about these:

Dead New Misfits:
Hyperbolic Boy, Smiley, Ultra-Mobile Dawg, Smoke Ring Girl

(But if Hyperbolic Boy comes back, he'll either be depowered, or with an 
alternative power source, since his original power came from a family 
thing that's now passed to Amy.)

Not dead but not in the team and not reserved:
Triangle Lad, Dramatic Pause Lass, Laran

(But Laran's current status was established in the skipped issues... I 
guess if you really want to use him, ask me for a summary and I'll send 
it in private :-P)

Non-New-Misfits who are fair game:
Doctor Valkiria Jogging, P.A.N.I.C. in general, Geekobots, Allcoppolys, 
Clara Lee Trobbo (with or without her Female SWAT)

Two of the people in the team as of last issue won't be in the team by 
the end of the series (and won't be dead either).  I kind of spoiled 
already that Green is one of them (since he/she appears in Weird Tales 
during Beige Countdown time).  Those two are free for use.

The characters active in the team after the series ends, as well as 
Paraddox and the Empress, fall under my usual "semi-reserved" condition: 
use them all you want, as long as I get to ok the scene before you 
actually post the issue.  With the special caveat that it's almost 
impossible to write them inside the BC/BM period without contradicting 
what I have in mind, so it's probably better not to try :-P

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