LNH/Meta: And you can write for Beige Midnight... too!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 16 19:38:22 PDT 2008

This is a call for stories about superheroes battling

(Or superheroes battling superheroes)

(Or supervillains battling supervillians)

(Or superpeople watching as other superpeople fight while making snarky 
comments about them)

(Whatever you want)

This will be a massive battle that will take place outside of the LNHHQ 
that will appear in Beige Midnight #8-10.

You have till Oct. 31, 2008 to write something and send it to me at 

arspitzer at earthlink.net


lnh-authors at googlegroups.com

And if you want to join the LNH Authors Google Group (assuming you've 
written at least one LNH story) feel free to e-mail and I'll give you 
the permission needed to become a member...

Arthur "Fight makes Write..." Spitzer

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