LNH: Beige Midnight #2: Imperium Hex Part II: 'The Dungeons of Freedom...!' (3/3)

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 11 17:41:55 PDT 2008

Beginning of Part III

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

Back in the Middle East...

"Excuse me?" said Twitter in an aggrieved tone.  "You're *not* going to 
fight villains, So are you planning on 'creatively interpreting' Irony 
Man's orders to take a holiday in the Middle-East?"

The atmosphere in the LNH flight.thingie as if flew eastwards over the 
Med.bit.terranean Sea was rather tense.  Retcon Lad and the 
Net.Elementalist had both privately wondered how they would keep the new 
Legionnaire from discovering the way they had reassigned the team's 
priorities to do something other than what they'd been told to. 
Anal-Retentive Archive Kid and Fourth Wall Lass must have been thinking 
this as well, but thanks to their information gathering proclivities had 
realized relatively quickly that Twitter's powers made it almost 
impossible to keep a secret like that from her.  ARAK had even tried to 
tip off the others to this fact in the guise of a strategic overview of 
what powers she had, so that they would all know what each others' 
abilities were during a fight scene: In addition to the speed Twitter 
gained from the Freedom Chip implanted in her, she also had low level 
telepathic powers that caused her to absorb information almost 
uncontrollably.  Eventually she would suddenly 'just know' what the 
others were up to.

"No.  We are *not* taking a holiday," said ARAK.  "Nor are we running 
away from fighting villains."  He put down the laptop which he'd been 
using to examine intel reports on potential opponents that they might 
encounter.  "But we *are* going to deal with something more immediately 
important that Al-Qaeda Amerika, and we only expect to run into that 
group along the way."

"And what's so important then?"

Anal-Retentive Archive Kid looked at the others.  Lenny, of course, was 
piloting the flight.thingie - because although stuck in the shape of a 
squirrel, this at least gave him the abilities of a flying squirrel. 
The Net.Elementalist and Retcon Lad had been the pair who had hatched 
the current scheme, and Fourth Wall Lass had enthusiastically supported 
it.  By rights it was the prerogative of one of those latter three to 
explain - or carefully dissemble about - their plans.  "Well, tell her," 
ARAK said bluntly.  "She's going to find out sooner or later."

The Net.Elementalist shrugged.  "Hexadecimal Luthor is really a 
net.villain who's gotten hold of the Presidency, and is using the 
current crisis with the Bryttle Brothers as a way of cementing his power 
base."  Which was absolutely true, if perhaps a trifle blunt.  Twitter 
stared at him with a look that was if anything even more intense and 
disturbing than her usual intense and disturbing way of intently 
concentrating on people.  "Hey, I'm not an Ame.rec.an," said the 
Net.Elementalist.  "I don't suffer from the delusion that someone who 
holds the U.S. Presidency is automatically worthy of the position."

"Dude, you're digging yourself in deeper," said Retcon Lad.

The Net.Elementalist gave him a mock glare.  "I any case, we..."

"...the Bicycle Liberation Front..." chorused ARAK, Lenny, Fourth Wall 
Lass and Retcon Lad.

"...are looking for a way to expose his plans to the world."

"*WHAT* plans?" demanded Twitter in exasperation.

Ah.  Here was the part where personal circumstances started to 
complicate the situation.

"The Freedom Chips that he's developed and been handing out to give 
people superpowers can also act as a mind control devices.  If he 
chooses to activate that function," Retcon Lad said carefully.  "He 
wants an army of superhumans available to fight in Beige Midnight when 
the Bryttle Brothers finally wake up, and he's been using the Freedom 
Chips to create them, as well as using the Net.ahuman Responsibility Act 
to get them and as many 'naturally occurring' ones as possible into the 
Legion.  And in the aftermath of Beige Midnight he'll have control of a 
large proportion of the superhuman population to use as enforcers to 
carry out his long term plans.  You know that he's rescinded the 22nd 
Amendment to allow him to serve more than two terms in office?  Right, 
well, that's it then.  He's making ready to throw away the lives of as 
many mind controlled pawns as he needs to win Beige Midnight, then 
setting himself up for a permanent Presidency."

Twitter's eyes narrowed.  "I've got a Freedom Chip, you know, It's the 
only thing that lets me control my telepathy."

Retcon Lad nodded.  "Yes, I know that."

"How do you know I won't tell them what you're up to?"

Retcon Lad sat forward and rested his chin on his steepled hands.  "If 
you mean: how do we know they won't get the information from doing a 
random scan of your mind through the Freedom Chip?  I've taken care of 
that already.  I retconned it so that since there are so many people 
with Freedom Chips that the chances of them scanning your mind in the 
time before Beige Midnight are too small to worry about.  It simply 
isn't going to happen by accident."

"And if you mean: how do we know you won't deliberately tell Irony Man 
yourself," said Fourth Wall Lass.  She gestured to the communication 
controls up near where Lenny was piloting.  "If you want to radio him 
now, we won't stop you."

Twitter didn't look happy.  She folded her arms and narrowed her eyes in 
thought.  "Trust building exercise," she said, stating the obvious.  She 
still tended to do that a lot, even now that she had her speed powers to 
help process all the information she was receiving on a subconscious 
level.  It was simply that it got worse when she was agitated and her 
control slipped a bit.  And then she added, "And for all I know you've 
retconned things so that I decide not to tell, That's another form of 
mind control."  There was an uncomfortable few seconds of silence.  Then 
she asked, "So how do you plan to prove what you claim President Luthor 
is up to...?"

"Big menacing storm cloud to starboard," interrupted Lenny.

"Can we go around it?" asked Retcon Lad as he got up to have a look.

"Easily," said Lenny.  "It's way off to the south and isn't moving in 
our direction.  What I mean is, do *we* want to go to *it*?"

The other LNHers could see what the squirrel-yabon meant now.  Off to 
the south, somewhere along the coast, was a single storm cloud thrashing 
about in an otherwise clear sky.  It was big and dark grey and 
suspiciously humanoid in shape.

"It's angry," said Twitter with an expression mixing wonder and concern. 
  "Even this far away I can feel that it's angry."

"Self aware, huh?" said Anal-Retentive Archive Kid.  "Is it angry 
because it's ticked off in general, or because it's in pain, or 
something else?"

She shook her head.  "Don't know, Can't tell."

"Other aircraft are being warned away," said Lenny.

"Giant storm cloud on the rampage," said the Net.Elementalist.  "Sounds 
like a job for net.heroes."

"It does, doesn't it?" said Retcon Lad.  "How far away is it?"

Fourth Wall Lass pages through the narrative captions.  "It's in Port 
Said, in Egypt."

"Only a hundred miles."

"Better take us in," said Anal-Retentive Archive Kid, who could tell 
which way this was going.  "You're not going to be happy until you've 

They flew in.  As they approached Fourth Wall Lass and Twitter got a 
better idea of what the storm cloud was.

"He's angry about his job?" Twitter said in surprise.

"Looks like it," confirmed FaWL, continuing to read narrative captions. 
  "Local accountant.  Got passed over for an expected promotion.  His 
anger has spontaneously triggered his net.ahuman powers."

"Which is turning into a storm cloud," noted ARAK as he typed up a 
description for the LNH files.


"Obviously we should start with the Net.Elementalist lagging him as a 
stop gap measure while we try to think of a way of calming him down," 
said Fourth Wall Lass.

"A pity we don't have Limp-Asparagus Lad with us to use his drama 
dampening powers," mused Retcon Lad.

Twitter suggested, "Maybe Net.Elementalist could lag his body so he 
can't move but leave his head untouched, That way he might get bored 
with not being able to do anything."

"That's just as likely to get him frustrated as it is to make him 
bored," said Lenny.

"But it's not an impossible result, so I could retcon it so that that's 
what happens," said Retcon Lad.

"Ahem," said the Net.Elementalist.  "You're forgetting that lag doesn't 
just physically slow down things.  It can metaphorically affect their 
perceptions too."

Retcon Lad snapped his fingers.  "Of course, that town in Germa.net 
where you fought Lagneto where it was still the 19th century."

The Net.Elementalist nodded.  He was looking out the window, sizing up 
the challenge.  "The biggest problem will be the sheer area to be 
covered.  Oh, and multitasking so that I'm physically affecting him with 
lag in one way while mentally affecting him in another."

"You need a power boost, Netty?" asked ARAK, who had gone to the 
supplies cupboard and grabbed a plot device.

"Keep it ready in case things go pear shaped," said the 
Net.Elementalist.  "Lenny, how big an area is he covering?"

"Only a few miles, from the looks of it.  It looks like he's kept a 
basically human shape, which means he's tall rather than wide.  And he's 
keeping relatively small."

"Possibly so that he can see with his eyes the damage he's doing," 
theorised ARAK as he got back in his seat and strapped in.  "I wonder if 
that's a real limitation, or just psychological."

"Save it for later," said the Net.Elementalist.  "Lenny, keep us 
circling around him."  Then he leaned against the wall on either side of 
the window for support, stared out at the malevolent weather, and 
summoned his power.  His costume changed from black to white - the 
symbolic colour of the element of net, which included the various 
applications of lag that he intended to use.

The area of effect was indeed huge, and the energies involved were 
enormous.  A good thing he hadn't tried to use straight net.elemental 
applications of net to cancel out the air currents or of thread to 
control the water particles that made up the hail.  He could probably 
have overwhelmed the accountant-turned-storm, but the turmoil from the 
conflict would probably have done more damage to Port Said.  No, Fourth 
Wall Lass's suggestion would do a lot less damage.

There was resistance, but he'd expected that.  The Net.Elementalist 
concentrated harder.  The physical aspect of the fight was only 
moderately hard: once the area was lagged then it was in stasis and just 
a matter of maintaining.  The mental affect, of slowing down someone's 
rage while allowing the process of thinking to continue, was more 
difficult.  But it... was just... a matter of willpower.  Minutes passed 
before Fourth Wall Lass said, "I think you have him."

The elementalist nodded.  "Okay.  You keep an eye on his mental state. 
I'm gonna switch from net to thread and try to compress the water of the 
cloud down towards human size.  Maybe he'll take the hint. Tell me if he 
starts to get aggro again."

"Won't that leave the bad guy free of being calmed down by lag?" asked 

The Net.Elementalist rolled his eyes.  "Well, duh.  But I'm *hoping* 
that once he's calmed down he'll stay mellow, like with the expression 
'had time to calm down'?  He won't be hyped up with anger or soporific 
from lag, but in a default state in the middle where he isn't under 
outside influences."

"That reasoning might hold more water if he'd been artificially agitated 
by something rather than merely being ticked off," Twitter pointed out, 
not unreasonably.  The Net.Elementalist glared at her.

Retcon Lad grinned and said, "Maybe I should retcon it so that it works 
out the way you want."

"Thank you so much for offering," snarked the Net.Elementalist.

"Thank *you* so much for asking," Retcon Lad returned.  He concentrated. 
  "Okay, it's done.  Go for your life."

The Net.Elementalist did so.  His costume turned blue as he swapped from 
manipulating one element to another, and he began to visualise the way 
the water particles were connected by lines of thread.  Threads that 
were slowly contracting, drawing the water particles together into an 
ever closer and more compact configuration.  It took a while to do - 
almost as long as his first efforts with lag - and there was even more 
sweat on the Net.Elementalist's face by the time he had finished.  But 
still, eventually it was done.

"Okay, you should be safe to cut it off there," FWLass said.  The 
Net.Elementalist sagged as he allowed his concentration to ease and release.

"Dude, job well done," said Retcon Lad as he helped the exhausted 
net.hero to a seat.  "Whatja think?"

"I think I was darned lucky that he hadn't given up human form and 
spread himself out over a couple of dozen kilometres of city, that's 
what I think," quipped the Net.Elementalist.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

In a cafe in America...

"Why are you still there?"  The voice was from Fearless Leader disguised 
as a trucker.  He was talking to Tara Shreds (The Ripping Dancer's 
secret identity) who was in her less attractive powerless persona.  "The 
Mission is over!  You got the bike and now it's done!  Finished!  Over!"

"It's not over for me, Felix.  I can still do some good.  I can keep 
getting info.  I've been taking notes."  She searched through her purse 
and took out a small notebook.  "Here."

Fearless Leader skimmed through the book and put it down.  "This isn't 
worth your life.  Christ Tara.  They're going to discover what you're 
doing.  And they're going to kill you.  And God knows what they'll do to 
you before they kill you.  Is that what you want?"

"Life is Dangerous.  When I joined the Legion I was risking my life.  I 
could die anywhere.  I could die in this cafe.  I mean really, Felix -- 
if you're so worried about me why did you let me do the mission in the 
first place?  Why?"

"Because I knew you needed something.  A shot at redemption.  And I had 
faith in you.  That you could get the bike.  And you did.  You got the 
bike.  You're redeemed, Tara.  It's over.  Come home.  Please."

"Redeemed?  It's not about that anymore.  Look, Felix.  I -- I have to 
say something.  And I -- I don't want to hurt you.  You're a friend. 
You're a great friend.  When I was at my lowest -- you saved me.  I will 
never forget that.  I hope we can always be friends.  I hope.  I hope. 
But.  Something -- something happened.  It was on my mission.  I -- I 
fell in love with someone else."

"What?  I -- uh -- You...?"

"I fell in Love, Felix.  I'm sorry.  I -- I can't be with -- with you 
anymore.  I'm -- I'm sorry.  I'm sorry."

"I -- I see.  Who?  Who is it?"

"I -- I don't think I should tell you.  He's a good person, Felix."

"What?  Why not?  Is he a villain?  Who, Tara?  Tell me."

"Felix.  Let's -- let's leave it at that.  I'm in love.  I'm in love 
with him.  I wish I hadn't fallen in love.  But I did.  I'm sorry. 
You'll find someone else.  You deserve better than me.  You're 
wonderful, Felix.  Some wonderful girl will fall in love with you and 
you with her.  You'll get married.  Have children.  A house.  And you'll 
be -- you'll be..."  Tara's eyes started to well up.  She looked like 
she was going to break down.

"Deserve?  Deserve?"  Felix looked down at his plate of untouched food. 
  "So it's over.  Fine.  If that's what you want -- fine.  It's over."

"I'm -- I'm  sorry.  You -- You should probably have someone else come 
to meet me next time for the next..."

"Don't worry.  I'll pick some other member.  And you can meet with them. 
  Tara.  This is stupid.  Quit this mission.  Take your new boyfriend to 
some place safe.  It's not worth it.  They're going to kill you!"

Tara shook her head.  "You can't save everyone."

Fearless Leader sighed.  "No.  Guess not."

And afterwards the heroes looked everywhere in silence.  At their 
plates.  At their drinks.  At all of the people in the cafe who seemed 
to be a whole lot happier.  Everywhere.  Except their eyes.  They didn't 
look at each other's eyes.

Finally, a waitress came to their table and broke the silence.  "You 
folks ready for dessert?"

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

At a Net.ropolis Pizza Pitt...

At a private table in a private room sat an ex member of the Saviors of 
the Net and a current member and leader of the team.  The Gothic Gorilla 
was the former.  And the Ultimate Savior was the latter.

"Hmm.  Didn't you used to hate peppers, Jesse?" said the Gothic Gorilla 
studying the Ultimate Savior's face.

"Did I?  Don't remember.  Possibly.  Lots of old memories I had are 
gone.  Death changes a person.  Changes things about them.  Their tastes 
included."  The Ultimate Savior put his piece of pizza down.

"Yes.  I suppose so.  It certainly has changed quite a bit about you, 
hasn't it?"

"All except my desire to save the world."  The Ultimate Savior smiled. 
There was something very wrong about that smile.  "That's why I need 
you, Gothic Gorilla.  Need you to be member of the Saviors again.  Your 
powers would be very useful in helping me save the world.  You know that 
I'm working with Hex Luthor.  I don't like it, but -- but it's 
necessary.  Hex Luthor is the only one who can stop the Bryttle Brothers 
from killing everyone.  But once Beige Midnight is over there's going to 
be a struggle for power.  Hex has his powerbase.  And I'm going to need 
mine.  I'm going to need you with me.  And once we defeat Hex we can 
change the world to the way it should be.  Well?  Will you return to the 

"Hmm.  But wouldn't I have to put a Freedom Chip in my head?  Like the 
rest of your Saviors?  Isn't that the way it goes now days?"

"The Saviors do have Freedom Chips in their head, but I have fixed it so 
they won't control you.  The chips in the Saviors heads are to fool Hex 
into thinking he has control over the Saviors.  Just fakes."

"That's interesting.  But you know, Jesse.  There's a flaw in your plan. 
  You see you're going to need great numbers of heroes to overcome Hex's 
forces.  Now here's what I'd do: first I'd make my own version of the 
Freedom Chip, but this one would force people to obey my wishes not 
Hex's.  Then I'd make sure to destroy the Hex chips and replace them 
with my own chips.  Of course I'd also recruit people -- give them a 
line about how they wouldn't have a 'working chip', but that would be 
lie.  I'd put one of my chips into them so I could control them."  The 
Gothic Gorilla smiled.  "What do you think of that plan, Jesse?  And now 
that I think about it -- you know what'd be really great?  What if I 
weren't really the Gothic Gorilla, but a shapeshifter with some cute 
little nom de guerre like -- hmm -- what's a good name?  How about 
Mister -- Nasty?  Sound good?  Well, I guess it's too bad you aren't a 
shapeshifter, Jesse.  Because that would really help your plan."

An angry look flashed on the Ultimate Saviors face.  "Let's cut the 
game, Ape.  So you know who I am.  And you know about my plan to switch 
the Freedom Chips.  So what are you going to do with this information?"

"I don't know.  Maybe watch you squirm?  What should I do with this 

"I could kill you.  Right here."

The Gothic Gorilla shook his head.  "I really doubt that.  See these 
pins?"  The Gothic Gorilla gestured to the variety of silver pins 
scattered across his black trenchcoat.  "They protect me from all 
matters of harm.  A nuclear bomb could blow up here and I'd still have 
my good looks.  Compared to my powers, Mr. Nasty, you're a gnat.  Your 
HexFire Club is through.  Various associates of mine are as we speak 
working to destroy everything your Master has built."

"He's not my Master!"  A resentful look flashed on the Mr. Nasty's face.

"If you say so.  Whatever he is -- he's going down.  Perhaps if you help 
us out -- Tell us all that you know -- you could lessen your upcoming 
prison time."

"Prison Time?" laughed Mr. Nasty.  "I thought you knew who I was. 
Prisons are puddles for me to splash through on the way towards more 
death and mayhem.  Heh.  And you're a fool if you stop Luthor.  Stop him 
before he's dealt with the Bryttles.  But -- I doubt you can stop us. 
No.  If you could, you would've by now.  No.  The only thing I do know 
is that you're on my list now, Ape.  Yes, my list.  A list filled with 
people who thought they could stop me.  And do you know what happened to 
most of these people?  These people on my list?  Dead.  They're dead. 
Yes.  Dead."  Mr. Nasty got up from his chair and started to walk away. 
  "Keep one eye opened, Ape.  We'll meet again."

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

The White House...

"He's free!  You let him escape!"  Hex Luthor clenched both of his fists.

Irony Man in his Toony Stork guise shrugged his hands.  "Couldn't be 
helped, Hex.  Someone was controlling my armor.  Perhaps this new 
version of the Melissa virus -- Vector Sublime?  That her name?"

"So you say.  And all the terrorists escaped too?  And we lost one of 
our Freedom Chip Heroes?  Right?"

"Yes.  Someone called -- Dr. Virus Love -- or something like that.  Not 
a big loss."

"And Bicycle Repair Lad is gone.  Yes?  Out there?  Yes!?"

"He's just Bicycle Repair Lad, Hex.  We have more important items to 
deal with, Hex."

"No we don't!  No!!  Not with him out there!  We need to find him!  We 
need to get him!  He's out there!  He's going to destroy everything! 
Everything I've built!  He always does.  Every plan I've ever had. 
Every scheme.  Every...!"  Hex Luthor grabbed a snow globe depicting 
some man repairing a bicycle in red snow flakes off his desk and threw 
it violently at one of the Oval Office's walls.  The globe shattered and 
bits of glass, water, red flakes, and a man repairing a bicycle landed 
on the floor.  "I should have killed him.  I should have killed him! 
And now it's too late.  And he's out there!  Out there!"

"You're losing it, Hex.  Why are you so worried about him?  Was his 
crazy story true, Hex?  Did you retcon reality?"

"The truth?" Hex laughed.  "No.  We're not going to go there.  The truth 
doesn't matter!  Nothing matters, except him.  Bicycle Repair Lad!  Who 
are you working for?"

"Huh?  What do you mean?"

"Who are you working for?  Me?  Manga Man?  wReamicus Maximus?  Mr. 
Tiddles?  Have you allied yourself with one of them?  Is this all part 
of a plot by you and the others to destroy me?  Is it?"

"I've had enough of this."  Toony Stork grabbed Hex by his shirt and 
slammed him against the wall.  "How does this all end, Hex?  How does 
this all end?"

"Toony... You're..."

"I was LNH!  A hero!  And now what am I?  Some thug who takes orders 
from supervillains?  Is that who I am?  And I'm looking at you -- and 
you're the person that's going to save the world?  If so -- that's very 
funny.  Very funny, Hex.  You're going to save the world.  Some madman 
ranting about Bicycle Repair Lad.  But maybe you're not.  Maybe I was 
wrong to pick sides with you?  Maybe the best thing I could do right now 
would be to kill you.  Yes, kill you."

"Toony... Let's..."

Toony Stork took out a pen from his coat.  "You see this pen?  Has a 
nuclear device in it.  See when I do this?" Toony clicked the pen, "I 
trigger a timing mechanism.  In a couple of minutes it will blow killing 
us and tons of other people.  Is that how our story ends, Hex?  Me 
killing you and myself?  I can hear voices, Hex.  Voices telling me to 
kill you.  I think the voices are Dekay and Diskolor.  I think they want 
you to die Hex.  And I think they want me to kill you.  What do you 
think about that Hex?"

"Toony -- you need to stop..."

"I wonder why they want me to kill you?  Are they afraid of you?  Do 
they think that you'll stop them?  I don't know.  All I know is that 
they're already affecting us.  Affecting us all.  All the heroes and 
villains -- and everyone else.  We're all starting to change and be 
shaped by them.  Everything is decaying.  So.  So I'm not going to kill 
you.  And maybe I'm making a mistake by doing that -- but, oh well." 
Toony released his hand off of Hex's shirt and dropped the pen on the 
floor.  "You're going to forget about Bicycle Repair Lad and start 
getting ready for our plan.  You got that?  You and me are going to save 
the world.  And nothing else is important.  Nothing!"

"Toony!  The pen... The pen!" Hex said as picked the pen up.

"It's just a pen, Hex.  Getting a little paranoid, aren't you?" said 
Toony as he exited the Oval Office.

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****

To be continued...

                      **** <<--BM-->> ****


Ideas for Beige Midnight by Saxon Brenton, James Enright, Lalo Martins, 
Martin Phipps, Rob Rogers, and Arthur Spitzer...

Dekay and Diskolor, The Bryttle Brothers created by Todd "Scavenger" 
Kogutt, used with permission...

Hexadecimal Luthor created by Chris Hare and reinvented by Saxon Brenton...

HexFire Club

Manga Man - Craig Thomas Judd
Mr. Tiddles - Saxon Brenton
Mr. Nasty (Ultimate Savior) - Martin Phipps
wReamicus Maximus (Ultimate Ninja) - wReam
Irony Man - Doug Moran


Catalyst Lass - Elisabeth Riba
HellCatalyst - Jeff McCoskey
Wikiboy - Tom Russell
Bicycle Repair Lad - Chris Hare
Fearless Leader - Dave Van Domelen

The Bicycle Liberation Front - Saxon Brenton

Fourth Wall Lass - Saxon Brenton
Retcon Lad - Saxon Brenton
Anal-Retentive Archive Kid - Saxon Brenton
Obnoxious Ame.rec.a Boy - Jamas Enright
Lenny the squirrel - Saxon Brenton
Net.Elementalist - Jamas Enright
Twitter - Rob Rogers

Irony Man's Freedom Chip Hero Team -

Dr. Virus Love - Arthur Spitzer
Anatomy Lesson Lad - Arthur Spitzer
The Living Non-Alcoholic Beer - Arthur Spitzer
Can't-Dance-to-This-Music Lass - Arthur Spitzer

LNV'rs -

Legion of Net.Villains - Unknown
Mynabird (suit) - Rob Rogers
          (mite) - Arthur Spitzer
Rumor Monger - wReam
Romantic Innuendo - wReam

Ripping Dancer's squad -

Ripping Dancer  - Arthur Spitzer
Chuggernaut - Arthur Spitzer
RobGoblin - Tim Benninghoff
Thread Bear - Timothy Toner
Vector Sublime - Rob Rogers and Arthur Spitzer
Commie-In-A-Metal-Suit - Arthur Spitzer
Color-Error Man's Brother-In-Law - Arthur Spitzer

Others -

The Gothic Gorilla - Arthur Spitzer
Ultimate Savior - Arthur Spitzer
Al-Qaeda Amerika - Saxon Brenton

Arthur's Notes:

Two down... Ten to go...

Oh and just incase you're wondering, Beige Midnight takes place around 
March and April 2008...

If you're confused about this story you can read these...


(Probably won't help)...

You know it's kind of interesting that only two LNH characters based on 
comic creators have ever achieved any kind of lasting popularity...

Kid Kirby who of course is based on Jack Kirby...

And the RobGoblin, based on Rob Liefeld...

I'm trying to think of other characters (well there have been characters 
based on editors like Defacto and Harrass) and I think that the 
Crossover Queen was based on Louise Simonson... (actually I guess all 
three of those were writer-editor types) and let's see... oh yeah 
Lobdell Lad... that's all I can think of... none of those though ever 
really achieved the popularity of Kid Kirby and RobGoblin.

I suppose when you think cosmic... you think Kirby... so a cosmic 
character that's called Kirby is a natural.

And when you think everything that's bad about comics I guess the first 
name that comes to mind is Rob Liefeld.  (And now that I think about it 
I think that Mr. Homage's real identity was another Rob Liefeld 
parody... guy just can't win.)

I suppose making fun of Liefeld is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I 
kind of enjoyed righting those scenes...

What else should I talk about... oh here's what Mr. Nasty was doing 
before he got involved in Beige Countdown/Midnight...


If you are interesting in more about the Saviors of the Net, here are 
some links to stories.


And what else?

Oh yeah... Ripping Dancer and Irony Man go through some stuff here.

When's number #3 going to be out... considering I haven't actually 
written a single word, I have no idea...

Arthur "Poor Thread Bear..." Spitzer

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