Superfreaks/ACRA: Superfreaks Season 3 #7

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Michael King, Lana Lewis and Mary Bailey: crime scene 
investigators.  John Phelps, Mark Johnston and Tom 
Jackson: police officers.  Jack Greenspan and Edward 
Bailey: medical examiners.  Alan Russell and Roger 
Roeper: lawyers.  These men and women are truly our 
last line of defense.  But what about the capes whose
cases they have to investigate?  Should they be
considered a help or a hindrance? 

                 SUPERFREAKS SEASON 3 #7 


                         PART I 

9:05 am

  Detective Mary Bailey of the Pepperon Police
Department let out a big sigh.  "It's good to be
back," she said.
  Detective Michael King nodded.  "We missed you."
  Mary frowned.  "It's been -what?- five years since I
first started working here?"
  "Do you remember the first case you worked on?"
Michael asked.
  Mary nodded.  "Yeah.  The case of the psychotic

8:13 am (five years ago)

  "What do we have here?" Michael asked.
  Detective John Phelps sighed deeply.  "Two victims. 
A man and a women.  Both strangled."
  "I see.  And is the crime scene exactly how you
found it?"
  "Of course."
  "You didn't touch anything?"
  John sighed once again.  "I know my job."
  "Just tell me where you've been."
  John nodded.  "I walked in.   And then I walked over
to the CD player."
  "The CD player was on and I turned it off."
  "So you _did_ touch something."
  John was obviously tired.  "Yeah.  Okay.  I thought
you meant the bodies.  I didn't touch the bodies."
  "Why did you turn off the CD player?"
  "It kept playing the same song over and over again."
  "You mean on a loop?"
  "Yeah.  Exactly.  It would finish and then start all
over again.  It was really annoying."
  "What song?"
  John thought for a moment.  "Two Less Lonely People
in the World.  You know, Air Supply."  John looked as
though he had a bad taste in his mouth when he said
  "Two Less Lonely People in the World?"
  "And we have two victims?"
  John suddenly saw the connection.  "Oh God."
  Michael went to the CD player and carefully took out
the CD and placed it in a bag.  "We need to get this
to the lab and dust it for prints."

9:50 am

  "Did you run those prints?" Michael asked Edward
  "Yeah," Edward said.  "And I got a match."
  "Did you get an address?"
  "Yep.  234 Second Avenue."
  "Good work."
  "Thanks," Edward said with a smile.  "Oh, by the
way, Boss, what's with the new detective?"
  "You mean Mary Jones."
  "Yeah.  Her."
  "What about her?"
  "Well, is she, like, seeing anyone?"
  Michael laughed.  "Why don't you ask her yourself?"
  Edward's eyes widened.  "I couldn't do that!"
  "Why not?"
  "It could be seen as sexual harrasment or
  "I guess it could."
  "No, no, I'd have to get to know her first as a
  "So?  What?  You'll ask her in a couple of years
time?  What if she _is_ seeing somebody by then?"
  "I'll just have to take that chance," Edward

11:58 am

  "Open up!" Officer Mark Johnston warned.  "It's the
  There was no answer so Mark kicked the door down. 
The window was open and there was a fire escape.
  "He went out the window!" Mark said.
  John nodded.  "You go after him.  I'll take the
elevator and meet you outside."
  Mark went down the fire escape.  He could see the
suspect below him.
  "Stop!  Police!"
  The suspect ignored him.  Mark saw him disappear
into an alley.
  Mark finally managed to get down to the street.  He
looked down the alley and saw that it was a dead end.
  "You've got nowhere to go he said.  Just come out
and give yourself up."
  The suspect shot at him.  He just barely missed. 
Mark ducked down behind a trash can.
  "You can't live!" the suspect sang.  "If living is
without me!  You can't live!  You can't live anymore!"
  "Geez," Mark said.  "This guy is nuts."
  Just then Mark heard another shot.  This one came
from behind him.  Mark slowly stood up and saw the
suspect bleeding from a head wound.
  Detective John Phelps walked up behind him, ready to
shoot the suspect again if he threatened them again
with his gun.  It didn't look like he was going to.
  "Friggin' Air Supply fan!" John spat.

                        PART II
9:06 am (today)

  Detective Michael King smiled.  "Yeah.  That was a
strange case.  My favorite case was the case of the
Big Sister Murder."

10:01 am (four years ago)

  Candi looked directly into the camera at the big
sister house.  "You know, Big Sister, we all hate
Wendi.  Betti, Cyndi, Jenni, Heidi, Kelli, Mandi, Suzi
and Trixi all agreed with me when I told them that she
should be the next one to leave.  She's just, like, so
bitchy!  We can't take it anymore!  I'm going to go
tell her to her face right now!"
  Candi went looking for Wendi.  She saw Betti.  "Hey,
Betti," she said, "where's Wendi?"
  "She's in the bathroom?"
  "I know!  She's always in the bathroom!  And she's
been in there for half an hour!  What if somebody else
wanted to go?"
  "The bitch!" Candi said.  "Right.  I'm just going to
walk in on her!"
  Candi opened the door and saw Wendi sitting on the
toilet with a knife in her heart.  There was a pool of
blood on the floor.
  Candi and Betti both screamed.

11:45 am

  "I don't get it," Detective John Phelps said. 
"There are cameras in every room on 24/7.  How come
the murder wasn't recorded?"
  "There's no cameras in the bathrooms," Michael
pointed out.  "The producers, the girls and the
network all agreed that they didn't want any footage
of the girls on the toilet."
  "Okay," John said, "fair enough, but how come
there's no footage of anybody going into the bathroom
after her."
  "I'm having all the footage sent to the lab.  We'll
go over it and see if the producers missed anything." 
Michael spotted something in the blood pool.  "What's
  "It looks like toilet paper," John said.
  "It's not," Michael said.  "It's a paper towel."
  "So the murder weapon appears to be a kitchen knife.
 Perhaps the murderer wrapped the kitchen knife with a
paper towel from the kitchen so as to not get any
fingerprints on the knife."
  "Okay.  How does that help us?"
  "It might not," Michael admitted.  "Or it could be
the key to the case."

4:31 pm

  "Why am I here?" Trixi asked.  "I was in the kitchen
when Wendi was killed."
  "That's true," John said, "but you were the last one
in the kitchen and Wendi was killed with a kitchen
  Trixi laughed.  "Somebody already took the kitchen
  "I don't think so," John said.  He presented her
with three items.
  "What's this?" Trixi asked.
  "This roll of paper towels was taken from the
kitchen the day of the murder.  This paper towel was
found at the scene.  And this paper towel was found in
the waste basket in the kitchen.  It has your
fingerprint on it."
  "So the bloody paper towel matches up with both the
roll and with the paper towel with your fingerprint."
  "What are you talking about?"
  "The perferations.  When you rip a paper towel off a
roll you are ripping along the perferations.  On the
microscopic level we can see each tear lining up."
  "Okay.  So?"
  "So the paper towel found at the scene was taken off
the roll _after_ you had used the paper towel to clean
the countertop.  Somehow you managed to get around the
cameras and into the bathroom without anybody seeing
you.  We noticed that you were off camera for a good
ten minutes after you finished doing the dishes.  So
what were you doing?"
  Trixi didn't answer.
  "That's what I thought," Michael said with a smile. 
"You're under arrest."  Michael motioned for Officer
Mark Johnston to put cuffs on her.  "You have the
right to remain silent.  Should you give up that
right, anything you say can and will be used against
you in a court of law.  You have the right to an
attorney.  If you can't afford and attorney, an
attorney will appointed to you by the court.  Do you
understand these rights?"
  "I do," Trixi said sadly.
  "Oh and, by the way, if the cuffs feel heavy it is
because they are made of lead."
  Michael laughed.  "Our theory is that you are able
to pass through walls.  I figured your powers might
not work on lead because it is so dense."
  Trixi's angry growl confirmed Michael's suspicions.

                       PART III

9:07 (today)

  "Are you guys reminiscing about old cases?"
Detective Lana Lewis asked Detectives Mary Bailey and
Michael King.
  "Yeah," Michael admitted.  "How about you?  Do you
have a favorite case from back when you were working
at the FBI?"
  Lana nodded.  "As a matter of fact I do.  Oscar and
I once caught a murderer who claimed to be a vampire
from another planet!"

11:13 pm (three years ago)

  "Why did you do it?" FBI Special Agent Oscar Unger
asked the suspect.
  "I needed the blood.  I was hungry.  I ran out of
the food suppliments I had brought from my home planet
and I needed to feed."
  "I see.  You're from another planet?"
  "Yes.  I'm from the Skree homeworld."
  "Okay.  And why have you come to Earth?"
  "I'm here to observe."
  "Why is our planet so interesting that you have to
walk amongst us?"
  The suspect squirmed.
  "Tell me."
  "It's because we need to find potential weapons to
use against the Krulls."
  "The Krulls?"
  "They are our mortal enemies.  It is the duty of all
Skree to find a way to destroy the Krull armada."
  "I see.  So these people you killed had to die
because so you could defeat the Krulls?"
  "I already told you.  I was hungry."
  "So why didn't you go back to your home planet?"
  "I don't have a ship.  And the ship that brought me
here is late coming back."
  "I see."  Oscar sighed.  "Funny.  You don't look
like an alien."
  The suspect nodded.  "It's because all Skree have
the ability to change shape to look like humans."
  "Really?  Can you change back?"
  The suspect sighed.  "I could if I wasn't so
  "I see."
  "There's also the problem that your planet has a
yellow sun.  Our planet has a red sun.  The yellow sun
weakens us so we can't change shape.  That's why I
prefer to go out at night."
  "Fair enough.  I think I've heard enough."

9:08 am (today)

  "So what happened to that guy?" Mary asked.
  "He was sent to Raftpork Assylum, of course," Lana
told her.

10:54 pm (this evening)

  "So why are you here again?" David Graham asked his
new cellmate at Raftpork Assylum.
  "I'm from another planet," his cellmate told him. 
"Of course they don't believe me."
  "They never do," David said.
  "Are you from another planet?" his cellmate asked.
  "Me?  No."
  "So why are you here."
  "I killed my mother."
  "Well, actually, that's not exactly why I am here. 
I mean, they don't believe me when I say I killed my
  David sighed.  "I was talking to my mother on the
phone and I got angry with her and I just said to her
'Shut up and die'.  And then she died.  Just like
  "I realised that I had the power to kill people by
just telling them to die.  I didn't know what to do so
I asked a psychiatrist for help.  He sent me here. 
Which was probably the right thing to do: the
medication suppresses my power.  It doesn't work as
long as I am here."
  "I see."
  Just then, a guard came to the door.  "Wearchiarch?"
he asked.
  "Yes?" Wearchiarch asked, happy to hear his real
name pronounced correctly.
  "I'm getting you out of here."
  "You are a Skree like me!"
  "Of course."
  "What took you so long?"
  "We didn't know where you were," the Skree admitted.
 He opened the door.  "Then when we found you we had
to find someway in to this facility.  It wasn't just a
question of putting on a uniform: I needed to get a
key too."
  "Why didn't you just beam me out?"
  "The walls were too thick.  Beaming you out was not
amn option.  Now come on.  We need to get beyond the
walls so we can return to the ship."
  "What about him?" Wearchiarch asked, refering to his
cell mate.
  "Forget him," the Skree said.
  "He's powerful!"
  "I'm only authorized to bring you," the Skree said.
  Wearchiarch turned to his cell mate.  "You should
leave here too."
  "Why?  I'll just end up killing people!"
  "You don't know that!  Maybe you are cured!  How are
you ever going to know if you don't get off your
  "I guess."
  "So some with us outside."
  David Graham and the two Skrees made their way out
of Raftpork Assylum.  "Are you sure I can't come with
you?" David asked.
  "No," Wearchiarch told him.  "You stay here.  If we
need you, we will find you."
  David frowned at that omimous comment.  "Okay."
  "Just try to stay out of trouble."
  "Okay," David said.  "You too."
  David watched as the two Skrees disappeared in a
transport beam.

                    TO BE CONTINUED


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