LNH: LNH Comics Presents #500: INFINITE LEADERSHIP CRY.SIG Episode 465 -- Part II

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Thu May 3 17:15:18 PDT 2007

Tarq wrote:

> On May 2, 10:17 pm, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Nice story.  Nice story indeed.
> I agree 100% up to this point.


> 101%
>>The ending was a BIT anticlimactic.
> Anticlimactic wouldn't quite be the word I'd use. It's accurate, in a
> sense, but I think that it seems sort of abrupt to have all this
> hysterically funny build-up to one really sort of serious... warning.
> That's how I would describe it. The crossover itself wasn't so much a
> big thing in itself as hype for the next crossover. Which -- and don't
> get me wrong here, I had a bunch of great fun writing the whole two
> issues that I did -- makes that writing and getting-it-in-on-time seem
> sort of... futile. Again, don't get me wrong, it was really great, and
> I immensely enjoyed every single issue, reading, writing, from March
> 31st right through to this one. Maybe I'm still a little shocked about
> this being the conclusion. I _was_ expecting something a little less
> (and now that horrible word comes back) anticlimactic. I think I felt
> I just had to expand on that, because 'anticlimactic' on its own
> carries the conotation that the ending was a letdown. Which it wasn't.
> It was just remarkably different to even the most far-out ideas I'd
> had. Which is a good thing.

Rob Rogers ending for it would have been quite a bit different...

And probably a lot funnier...

>>Imagine if this were done by an actual comics company.  It was hyped.
>>It was late.  And then just when you were expecting a big
> I must admit to my lolling at that.
>>And now the Legion is just going to wait until next April when Dekay
>>and DisKolor return?
> I can see "Road to Beige Midnight" hitting shelves. Or "Countdown to
> Midnight". Something like that; the LNH preparing themselves for the
> big battle, rebuilding the LNH HQ, trying to contain as many villains
> as possible so that they don't have to worry about them next year.
> That would effectively link Infinite Leadership Cry.sig with Beige
> Midnight, making it a year-and-one-month crossover. Except it wouldn't
> have to be written daily, of course. Maybe even just one issue a month
> or something. I don't know, I'm sort of typing just whatever's popping
> into my brain right now.

After I post the epilogue I think I'm going to take like a couple month
break from the LNH....

People can write stuff if they want though... like what Bart's been 
doing for the past 11 years...

>>Oh and is Ultimate Ninja going to be pissed about LNH HQ being
>>destroyed and all the villains being released or what?  Technically it
>>was actually all Doctor Stompers fault.
> In all my continuity glory ("A few months after a few years before the
> events in Alt.stralian Yarns #1...") I think that there definately has
> to be some sort of response to this. UN is going to be pissed, Cannon
> Fodder is going to be heaps stressed out (and possibly worried about
> his own mortality, now that Dekay and Diskolor have told him they find
> a way to actually kill him), and the LNH HQ... damn. Any plot devices
> out there?

Well the LNHHQ usually heals itself....

> I've probably overlooked heaps of stuff, and, like I said, I'm just
> been typing the first things that came into my head. Excuse any
> ignorance on my part.
> ~Mitchell (who now sees a deeper meaning in Cannon Fodder surviving
> the attack of the Turtles of Apocalyptic Proportions in ILC #11) (and
> who also loved the "complete rip-off" of the PM:Relinquished #2 fight
> beyond all words and human understanding)

I call it the cut and paste school of writing.  :)

Arthur "" Spitzer

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