REV: Robservations #2

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Mar 5 14:58:29 PST 2007

 > > What I want to know is this: did you type Dr. I-Shoot-Powerful-
> > Out-Of-The-Palms-Of-My Hands-How-Hardcore-Am-I or did you use cut and
> > paste?
> I saw joke potential, and I was just about to type it when I
> remembered I said he'd never have his name typed again. Copy & paste
> was the only way out.

When I was writing JOURNEY INTO IRRELEVANCY, I faced a similiar
problem with Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Lad.  What I ended up
doing was futzing with Microsoft Word's AutoCorrect as you type
feature, so that whenever I typed "Anything-y" it would complete the
name for me.

For those few times that I write a review in word instead of composing
it on google, and for those few times when I write a review in word
that encompasses the name of Dave Van Domelen, I have "Dvandom" set to
convert to "Dave Van Domelen", thus preventing me from mispelling his
last name (an "o" keeps trying to sneak in there).

Secrets revealed!  I am too lazy to even cut and paste, or to learn
how to spell things correctly. :- )


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