REV: Robservations #2

Tarq mitchell_crouch at
Sun Mar 4 23:30:42 PST 2007

On Mar 5, 12:28 am, "Martin Phipps" <martinphip... at> wrote:
> Yeah, the bit with Dr. I-Shoot-Powerful-Beams-Out-Of-The-Palms-Of-My
> Hands-How-Hardcore-Am-I was my favorite part too.  In depression, he
> buries his haed in his hands and then ends it all by activating his
> power.  That was brilliant.

It was inevitable. =)

> What I want to know is this: did you type Dr. I-Shoot-Powerful-Beams-
> Out-Of-The-Palms-Of-My Hands-How-Hardcore-Am-I or did you use cut and
> paste?

I saw joke potential, and I was just about to type it when I
remembered I said he'd never have his name typed again. Copy & paste
was the only way out.

> Such a tragedy.  If only he had chosen a shorter name he wouldn't have
> had to end it all.

May he forever rest in peace.

> Martin

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