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> "Hello", said the girl in white hair.  "My name is Tamela, and
> I'm a time-traveler."

A support group for time-travelers.  I love it!

> "Da, da.  Hi and frames you all.  My name is Locked Room.  I
> picked it for myself because the one my grifing parents gave me
> is too stupid and hard for you neanderthals to pronounce.

I'm not usually a fan of "future-slang" (it's one
of the things I never liked about the "Dark Knight"
mini-series.  But you've pulled it off well here --
it seems natural to the characters, and it's easy
enough for the reader to figure out what's going on,
even without the handy glossary.

> "Old Ugly", said the girl in olive hair.  "Come say hi."
> A thing from a nightmare crawled from under the table, wiggling
> two long antennas.  Everybody crawled on their seats, and away
> from it; except for Mary.
> "Cool!", she exclaimed.  "You have a giant trilobite!"

I'd been wondering what "Old Ugly" was.  Neat idea!

> Mother Time is Rob Rogers'... I think.

Arthur came up with Tamela; I turned her into
Mother Time.  So I suppose we're both her parents...

> Blackbird Jones -- Blackbird
> Mary Smith -- Whatever
> Meredith "Sammy" Samuels -- Analytic
> Green Delaware -- Tree-Hugging Kid
> Blur
> Francesca "Fran" Blake -- Dramatic Pause Lass
> Roger M. Zing -- Hyperbolic Boy
> Daniel Hunt -- Contraption Boy
> Locked Room and Old Ugly

I like this list.  What would you think about
putting an "ASH"-style chart of names,
code-names and powers at the beginning of
each issue? It's always helped me keep those
characters straight (though you, like Dave,
do a good job of differentiating between

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Thinks no one looks strawing in a thong...

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