LNH/META: Sarcastic Lad in a DC Comic?!

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On Thursday 31 May 2007 Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net>
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>Not the first time it's happened.  I seem to remember someone pointing out 
>a long time ago ('95) a comic that had two heroes named Sarcastic Lad and 
>Frat Boy (some Milestone comic... anyone remember?)

The concluding issue of the 'Worlds Collide' crossover between DC
and Milestone comics in 1994 was _Static_ #14.  In it the world
was recreated as a parody version of the 1950s-60s version of the
Legion of Superheroes, complete with a mission monitor board.
On said board where the names and statuses of various League
of Superteens members, including Frat Boy and Procrastination Lad,
who as Mystic Mongoose pointed out in _Retcon Hour Omega_
were LNH characters.  (It also included Fan Boy, but IIRC Jamas
hadn't started writing _Fan.Boy_ for the LNH at that point, so we
won't dwell on that.)  Mystic Mongoose jokingly retaliated by
having wReamicus Maximus take the name of wRift (after Rift,
the big bad for Worlds Collide) at the conclusion of Retcon Hour.
I further jokingly retaliated by rippling off the name Very Big Boy
for one of my characters introduced in _L-ALad_ #50.  I never got
around to introducing the character of Super Nazi-Fighter Lad :-(

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