RACCIES/LNH/LNHY/NTB: Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas! #1

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 06:56:53 PST 2007

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies
> on a Plane Filled with Killer Ninja Gorillas!  #1

It's very, very hard to review an Arthur Spitzer story, especially the
Crazy, Off-the-Wall, Gonzo Style Arthur Spitzer story.  The gags and
riffs are so funny, so strange and surreal and new, that it's hard to
say anything meaningful about them: to explain them would ruin the
jokes, and I'm not really sure if I ever could explain them.  I think
that's the point.

Arthur's like our William S. Burroughs, only Arthur's funny,
unpretentious, and probably has never shot his wife in the head.  And
I'm not sure if Arthur would take kindly to being labelled as a

If Dr. Cool J. Dog is somehow still alive, would he play bongos?

I dunno.

Arthur's recent comedy is so divorced from anything that could be
considered reality that it moves into the realm of Pure Funny.  I have
to be careful, have to prepare myself to read one of these stories.
Otherwise, I'll laugh too hard and it will cause convulsions.

I've only laughed that hard twice in my life.  Once was reading one of
Arthur's stories.  The other was watching the movie Spymate.

It's about a monkey, who's a spy.  Other than a strange superhero
carnival freak subplot that slows it down a bit, it's the closest thing
in cinema I've ever seen to Pure Funny.

I guess I'm only mentioning it because it's Apes Month.  Thanks,
Arthur, for writing this year's first Apes Month story.

Kind of a lackluster showing this time around.  Hope the novelty hasn't
worn off.

C'mon, people!  Talking apes!  What's wrong with you?



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