[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007 [spoilers]

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Mon Dec 3 11:08:23 PST 2007

On Sunday 2 Dec 2007 Lalo Martins replied:
> It would help if people could tell me what they thought of the action 
> scenes I did write (Fodder/Kid-N/Green/Hyperbolic Boy vs. thugs, New 
> Misfits vs. Lion Pack, Fodder/Kid-N vs. Manhandler, although that one 
> was short, and Fodder vs. the poor trainees in #12).

[nods]   Yes.  I've never done that sort of blow by blow, since they 
tend to take up a lot of descriotive text, but I've somethimes wondered 
about doing more in depth coverage on a story every now and then.

>> I will quibble, however, as to whether LNH characters could only
>> ever 'properly' access LNH2 and LNHY story settings and are otherwise
>> only crossing over with parallels.  Since authorial approval was
>> included in various LNH/Patrol, LNH/ASH, LNH/Superguy/ LNH/Eleck, and
>> Crossroads/ crossovers (and it's telling how many of them
>> involved Dave Van Domelen) then these crossovers logically involved 
>> the originals (and possibly also the appearance of the DC character 
>> Impulse, since Poet received permission from Mark Waid for the 'Sudden 
>> Impulse' story).
> Sorry if you understood it that way; what I meant was "by default".  
> All LNH/LNH2 stories can be assumed to be "real" crossovers unless 
> otherwise indicated, while all LNH/ASH can be assumed to be "copy" 
> crossovers unless there is indication otherwise.
Ah.  So we were talking about the same thing.  Okay.  I'll blame it on 
the sugar rush.

> And even then, you may be putting too much weight on the "copy" thing.
That, unfortunately, is far too plausible a possibility.  I used to love 
that sort of stuff when we were discussing it on the Torg list, and I 
still get carried away with it sometimes.
Oh, and I just discovered that the email system has stripped some of the 
my pseudo-emoticon comments from my previous reply to Dvandom because 
they were in angled rather than square brackets.  It should have been:
[facecious] You're being greedy Dave.
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