[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007 [spoilers]

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Also spracht Saxon Brenton (Sun, 02 Dec 2007 01:28:02 +0000):
> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #47 - November 2007 [spoilers]
> Reviewed This Issue:
>      58.5 #11-12  [LNH]
>      Beige Countdown #7  [LNH]
>      Derek Radner's Private Journal #1  [ASH] Kinky Romance #1  [8Fold]
>      Mr. Transparent #5  [Misc]
>      New Exarchs #4-6  [SG/LNH]
>      Sporkman #1-3  [SG]
>      Thunderclap #8  [Pincity]

Hnn, that was a LONG EoMR, thanks for taking the time to write it!

> This is especially considering that the ratio of talk to fight scenes
> has been further skewed by the fact that that the Geekobots/Yuppicons
> fight was summarily finished off panel.

Well yeah :-( I'm still trying to figure out how to write action scenes 
that turn out interesting, when text is all the reader will have.  I 
spent some time (years) working on how to do this with panels, but doing 
it without the art is not something I have experience with.

It would help if people could tell me what they thought of the action 
scenes I did write (Fodder/Kid-N/Green/Hyperbolic Boy vs. thugs, New 
Misfits vs. Lion Pack, Fodder/Kid-N vs. Manhandler, although that one was 
short, and Fodder vs. the poor trainees in #12).

Who knows.  The usenetversal cosmic entities gave us the flashback... you 
may still see the end of that fight once I feel confident enough to write 
it ;-)

>     I will quibble, however, as to whether LNH characters could only
> ever 'properly' access LNH2 and LNHY story settings and are otherwise
> only crossing over with parallels.  Since authorial approval was
> included in various LNH/Patrol, LNH/ASH, LNH/Superguy/ LNH/Eleck, and
> Crossroads/<whatever> crossovers (and it's telling how many of them
> involved Dave Van Domelen) then these crossovers logically involved the
> originals (and possibly also the appearance of the DC character Impulse,
> since Poet received permission from Mark Waid for the 'Sudden Impulse'
> story).

Sorry if you understood it that way; what I meant was "by default".  All 
LNH/LNH2 stories can be assumed to be "real" crossovers unless otherwise 
indicated, while all LNH/ASH can be assumed to be "copy" crossovers 
unless there is indication otherwise.

And even then, you may be putting too much weight on the "copy" thing.  
In many cases, a crossover may happen, as you say, "in parallel 
multiverses" -- events that seem mostly the same happen in one 
multiverse, between the Looniverse and the usenetverse copy of the ASH 
world; and in another, between the ASH world and the ASH multiverse copy 
of the Looniverse.  This could be completely indistinguishable from a 
"true" crossover, or it could be evidenced only by subtle differences in 
interpretation -- a single event may be described identically, but 
characters later (after the end of the crossover) react to it 
differently, presumably with the ASH-side consequences being more 
seriously.  That being just because the "multiversal rules" in ASH are 

Then again... we're mortals ;-) it's probably safe to assume that the 
"truth" (in-story) is much more complicated than that, and the Existents 
had no good reason to spend a whole week explaining the intricacies of 
panmultiversal cosmology to someone that, quite honestly, may well become 
a threat to them later.

>      On other matters: there was also the bit about comedy and drama
> being two of the main organising principles in the Looniverse.  I'd
> never thought of them in quite those terms, instead tending to consider
> them as somehow being analogues of gravity, electromagnetism, and the
> nuclear weak and strong forces.

I think I remember some older material, especially from Martin, 
describing the four fundamental forces of physics in the usenetverse to 
be net-related things.  I don't remember all four, but lag (thus Lagneto) 
was there.

> then hands over the Editorial Staff to Fourth Wall Lass

I thought Deja Dude was next in line ;-)

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