[LNH/META] Fifteen Years!?

OTL bperler at sprynet.com
Sun Apr 29 12:39:30 PDT 2007

Well, since it's April 29, Obscure Trivia Lad feels it's his duty to check 
back on the newsgroup (after not doing so for far, far too long), and remind 
everyone that today marks the 15th anniversary of the LNH.

Really.  Fifteen years.  Hard to believe, isn't it?

And here's to fifteen more (at least)...

Brian Perler                                            bperler at sprynet.com
"Bastard Operators don't just win. Anyone can win. Bastard Operators win and
totally DEMORALISE.  That's *real* winning." 	-Bastard Operator From Hell

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