SUPERFREAKS: Superfreaks Season 1 DVD Special Feature

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Sun Apr 29 11:20:42 PDT 2007

Interview with the series creator.

Q: Where did the idea for Superfreaks come from?

A: I had this idea for a story involving Night Man and Moon Boy that I
pitched to a rival network.  In thr story, Moon Boy was suing Night
Man for having been subject to child endangerment and abuse as a
sidekick.  That's how I first developed the idea of police detectives
and lawyers having to deal with superheroes.

Q: Why didn't you develop that idea into the series proper?

A: I considered the idea of using it as a flashback story, the only
problem being was that the series proper was meant to focus on eight
main characters and that particular story only dealt with secondary
characters from the Superfreaks series.

Q: Were there any other stories that didn't actually get aired?

A: Yes.  There was a story in which we would have gotten a chance to
look at the dreams of most of the main characters but there would have
been too much sexual content for it to actually have been aired.

Q: It's too bad we didn't get to see that.

A: Indeed.  But with twenty regular episodes and four flashback
episodes we did have a full season.

Q: Is there anything you would have wanted to go back and change?

A: Not really.  Admittedly, sometimes telling a story expediently
means playing fast and loose with the science: you're not going to be
able to get fingerprints off of a fired bullet, for example, although
there are other ways to match the bullet to the gun it was fired from
and hence the person who fired it.  In season two we are going to make
an effort to make the forensic science more accurate.

Q: What else can we look forward to in season two?

A: Season two begins with an arc that deals with the question of how
you can safely imprison supervillains and whether their incarceration
should be considered the responsibility of civilian authorities or of
the superheroes who capture them.  The point will be made that escapes
from civilian prisons had been so commonplace that superheroes were
constantly working to recapture people who they had put in prison in
the first place.  The counter argument would involve the rights of an
accused supervillain and how their rights would be preserved if
superheroes took responsibility for incarcerating them.  That will
cover the first five episodes.

The next five episodes have also been laid out already.  Last season
we dealt with the relationship between Mary Jones and Edward Bailey,
culminating in their marriage at the end of the first season.  This
coming season we are going to similarly develop the relationship
between Michael King and FBI Special Agent Lana Lewis.  The stories
I'm working on right now will then briefly move the action to Japan
where local detectives will deal with cases involving Gonjira, the
Power Scouts and the Master Ninja.

Finally there might be a second series of flashback episodes: one
which has already been written is one where we will get to see the
original Extreme Force Six in action against the Insomniac.

Q: Sounds interesting.  Thanks for talking to us.

A: No, thank you.  It was my pleasure.


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