[MISC] GODLING # 11: A Woman Scorned

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>I'm taking you down, professor. I know how you people are. Abusing your power since I've been a little girl. But I'm not a little girl anymore. I abuse you before you abuse me.	<

Quentin Alexander was seated in the interrogation room of the New Troy
PD. In front of him was a female detective with a coffee colored skin
and a red blazer and skirt.
   "I honestly did not do the things the girl accuses me of, detective
King" he said.
   The detective sighed. "You know how many times I've listened to
guys saying that just before I put them in jail? Why would she lie
about it?"
   "I don't know. Maybe she was angry because I didn't respond to her
coming on to me?"
King sat on the edge of the table. She was an attractive woman, long
legs, high-heeled, strong, high cheekbones. Quentin wondered why they
put her in the Special Victims Unit. Or was it on purpose, a ruse to
get rapists to show their bad side, to goad them into the exact
behavior they were there for?
   "I understand, professor. I really do. I might be a woman but I can
imagine how it is for a man to be in a room all day with these
attractive young women. Especially the way they dress these days with
those hiphugger pants, belly-button exposing tops... And when all that
power you have, the way they look up to you gives you the opportunity
to do something about the urges you get..."
   "Stop it!" Quentin shouted and rose from his chair. "I would never
abuse my position like that!"
   King crossed her arms. "Too bad I have nothing that backs that up.
What I do have is an injured young woman who says otherwise."
   "Come on, there were never any complaints about me. Ask anyone. Ask
my colleague, Monica Sawyer. She'll vouch for me."
   "What a coincidence. I was just going to suggest the same," a voice
from the door said. It was Wade. "It's time you got the phone call
you're entitled to, Quentin."
   "He's my suspect, Wade. You're SWAT, not SVU. What are you doing
here getting involved with my case?" King's eyes seemed to be on fire.
   "I also outrank you, Detective. Quentin here is one of the good
guys. Wouldn't hurt a fly. He gets his phone call, then I bring him
back in here, okay?"
   Grudgingly King agreed.
   Wade put a hand on Quentin's shoulder and guided him out of the
room. "I've got a good lawyer for you. Cheap too. His name is Marcus
Walker. I got his number here for you."
   Wade handed Quentin a business card of one Marcus Walker, attorney
at law. "Thanks, Wade. You do know I'm innocent, right?"
   Wade laughed and gave the professor a light punch on the shoulder.
"Come on, Quentin. You're on of the straightest arrows I know. Of
course you are innocent. We'll get this sorted out for you. Officer
Janson here will take you to the phone. I've got to go."
Pretty, perky, small and stocky Officer Janson greeted Quentin. She
was one of the cops who arrested him.
   "For what it's worth... If Wade thinks you didn't do it, I believe
him. Please follow me."


Quentin used the payphone in the hallway to call Walker. Janson kept
an eye on him.


Walker was on the floor, dressed as Safari. Death Dog's shadow was
thrown over him. Walker was hurt bad. His potion had run out when
Death Dog had entered his place, now almost helpless against his
superhuman strength.
   "I never expected you to be that easily defeated," Death Dog said.
He sounded almost disappointed.
   Walker tried to crawl up again. Then the phone rang. He managed to
reach for it. He managed to groan "help me" in the phone before his
attacker snatched it from his hands and crushed it.
   "There's no one who can help you now, hero."

   Walker was in danger. And to Quentin's surprise he almost sounded
like Safari. The way the connection was broken made it clear there was
no time to waste. But how was he going to get there? He couldn't just
walk out of the police station could he?
   "What's up?" asked Janson. "You look worried."
   "I need to go to the bathroom. Don't feel so well in the stomach.
Nerves probably..." Quentin held his stomach.
   Janson had no reason to doubt his words. A college professor could
of course be pretty upset by events like these. In fact, she had
trouble believing this gentleman was guilty of the accusations. "I'll
take you there."
   She led Quentin to the bathrooms. He entered while she stood guard
   In the bathroom Godling executed his plan. Using the shape-changing
ability of Poseidon he changed into a cop and walked out the door. He
greeted Janson. She greeted him back. Walk in the park...
   When he was outside he changed into Godling and using the speed of
Hermes ran to the address that was on Walker's business card.


Detective King walked by the bathroom. "Where's professor Alexander?"
she asked Janson.
   "Inside... He isn't feeling that well."
   King said, "If he takes to long get inside there to check him out.
Then take him back to the interrogation room."
   Janson nodded. Of course, your majesty. Janson had always been a
little jealous of Darlene King. She became a detective in just a few
years, had an incredible supermodel body, was strong yet feminine.
Rumors were she was into women more then men but there was nothing to
confirm that. Janson herself might as well be a lesbian as well as far
as people knew. It had been years since she'd been involved in a
serious relationship. Oh, sure... Fellow cops came on to her in cop bars
when they'd had a few beers but she really wasn't into cops much. Too
macho, and hypocritical as it might sound not the kind of job she'd
want the father of her future children to have... Yes, children... Her
biological clock had started to tick as a timebomb.
    Now why was that Quentin guy taking so long?


Death Dog held Walker's throat near his teeth, ready to rip his throat
out. Then the wall went down.
   Godling plowed into Death Dog with so much speed he catapulted him
through the other wall. He went trough two more walls ending up on the
   Half conscious Walker looked Godling in the eye. "How'd you get
   "Faith, I guess," Godling answered. "Let's get you out of here."
   He took him in his arms and ran to the hospital, leaving him at the
Emergency Room.
   "Take good care of him," he told the stupefied doctors and nurses.
Then to Walker, "A man I know needs your help. Call the police station
and ask for Quentin Alexander. He needs a good lawyer."
   Walker nodded then went KO.
   Hoping he'd gotten the message Godling ran out of the hospital,
back to the police station.


Of course, he could've stayed away from the station but then Quentin
Alexander would be a man on the run and he didn't want to be that. So
what he did was, he changed back into a cop and walked into the
bathroom, past Darlene King and Janson. After changing back to Quentin
he left the bathroom again.
    "What took you so long?" Janson asked.
    "Sorry," Quentin said. "I got sick. This whole thing is too much
for my nerves."
    King sighed. "Maybe you are innocent. What a sissy."
   Janson took offense. "I'm not sure it takes a lot of guts to take
advantage of your position. Er... Not that I really think you're guilty,
   Quentin nodded. "I know what you mean. Thanks. It's just a big
   King smiled. "I've heard those words before."

>I remember it like it was last Tuesday. He was our Little League coach. A nice family man. Big, bald with a moustache. Respected by all. He was going to teach me how to improve my swing. When all other kids were gone he raped me in the locker room.
I didn't even fight him. I'm still not sure why not. Was it because he
was such a respected figure of power? Was it because I didn't stand a
fighting chance anyway? When I was at my lowest I even sometimes asked
myself if I didn't out of curiosity.<


"That's ridiculous!" Monica said to Hudson when he told her the news
about Quentin by phone. "Quentin would never do anything like that.
He's Mister Clean!"
	"That's what I said," Wade answered. He was in his car, on his way to
a bungalow they were going to search for drugs and firearms.
"Unfortunately we have a witness that states otherwise."
	"Then that witness is lying."
	"Probably, but why?" Wade parked his car. Other squad cars had
arrived already. "Sorry, have to go. I'll talk to you later."
	"All right, be careful."
	When the connection broke Monica felt the usual fear whenever she
knew Wade was off to play supercop again. As one of the best SWAT
officers in the NTPD he was asked to take on the most dangerous tasks.
She always had to live with the fear the phone call she had would be
the last. Sometimes it made her wonder if she wouldn't be better off
with more of a potential family man. Someone who wasn't putting his
life on the line on a daily basis. A man who would be home for diner,
to play with the kids. Wade was a handsome and sexy man. But was he a
good father and husband?
	Maybe she was too old to go for a guy like Wade. Oh, she loved him
with all her heart but sometimes she wondered about the future. It was
then that she sometimes wondered if she wasn't better off with a guy
like Quentin. Not that she was remotely in love with him, but she felt
a certain warmth towards him. He was always so nice to her, interested
in anything she had to say or was doing. He was well-mannered, with a
good sense of humor. He even had quite some sex-appeal, but in a
different way Wade had. His calm, his intelligence, the gray at his
temples... Still, she couldn't imagine him as anything else as a good
friend and she couldn't exactly say why.
	One thing was for sure, the accusations against him were nonsense.
They had to be. Quentin was one of the most female-friendly men she
knew. He'd never tried anything with her. In fact not with anyone she
knew. He could still be a virgin as far as she knew. Wasn't that a
little odd then maybe? Could it be that so much time without any woman
had made him so lusting for female flesh that he abused his power like
	No, she was thinking crazy thoughts. She sighed. If she wasn't
worrying herself sick about Wade she was making herself crazy with
other things. Maybe she needed a drink.

>Of course, nobody believed me then. After all, I was just a stupid young girl. He was a respected member of the community.
I learned five years later he was shot by his wife when she caught him
abusing his own children. That was when people started to believe me
and a life of therapy began. Therapy to stop me from my suicidal
tendencies, to stop me from cutting myself. My shrink was a respected
man in his field. A big, bearded man in a suit. Somewhat like
professor Alexander.
	The shrink started to abuse me. I wondered sometimes if I had any
part in it. If maybe I led him believe I wanted him to do the thing he
did to me. It seemed such a strange coincidence this would happen to
me again.
	The therapy did good things for me, but not in the usual way. When I
dragged the shrink to court I got the satisfaction I needed. They
believed me this time. They had to, I had a P.I. makes pictures. I'd
never felt better in my life. Now I was the person in charge. The
shrink's life was ruined. I moved from New York to New Troy but still
had the P.I. inform me about how miserable the shrink's life was now.
	I started to look for that wonderful feeling I felt when I got even
with my abuser from that point on. And professor Quentin Alexander
seemed just the right person to help me find that again.<

Death Dog got up. He shook himself like a wet puppy. He wasn't exactly
sure what hit him. It had felt like a freight train. He wasn't
prepared however to let Safari get away.
	He sniffed. He still had his scent. He could follow it to wherever he
was and then finish his work.

>The assistant district attorney was a blond woman with glasses. She seemed to be a combination of both the beauty and the nerd. I was quite happy it was a woman. She told me she would do everything in her power to make sure Quentin Alexander would get the punishment he was due. I smiled. I, Amanda Reese would get my revenge once again!<


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