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LNH Comics Presents #59

Infinite Leadership Cry.sig #24

April 24th

The remaining LNH gathered in the cafeteria (which was still packed, but
considering that most of the characters were under author permission use
only, not a lot of names could be named), awaiting with a certain sense
of dread as Pulls-Paper-Out-Of-Hats Lad reached into the hat and put his
power to use.
	"Today's leader is... PR Kid!" There was an underwhelming lack
of reaction (aside several sighs of relief from people who weren't
chosen). "Any problems with this?" General shrugging of shoulders
indicated nominal acceptance. "Anyone know where PR Kid is?"
	A small gap in the crowd opened up, revealing PR Kid talking
quietly into a cell phone. "...I don't care how much it costs, I need to
see those set-ups today. And get those posters over here tomorrow for
approval, so I..." PR Kid eventually noticed the attention and looked
around. "Hey everybody, what's up?"
	"You. You're today's leader!"
	"Really?" Slowly PR Kid's eyes lit up, making the LNHers nearby
back away nervously. Snapping the phone shut, PR Kid announced, "In that
case, I have some ideas I'd like to see put into practice."
	At this point, several LNHers checked their watches.

Obnoxious Ame.rec.a Boy finally managed to track PR Kid down in the
hanger bay, who was watching various LNHers get their photos taken.
	"Hey, PR Kid, I... what the hell's this?"
	"This is for the LNH CCG. A whole Leadership Crisis special
edition pack. I've got New Look Lass working on some ultra-rare
Leadership Crisis variant edition costumes. It'll be a killer."
	"Right, whatever. Listen, I got those damn poppies you wanted. What did 
you want with them again?"
	"Arrange them on the lawn, and get some overhead shots for the
newspapers, and contact Alt.stralia and Net.Zealand."
	"Why the (*#( would I want to talk to those countries? If they
ain't Ame.rec.a, I'm not interested."
	PR Kid spun around, grabbed Obnoxious Ame.rec.a Boy by the
shoulders then pulled him so they were face to face. Very quietly, very
deliberately and very forcefully PR Kid said, "They are celebrating
ANZAC day today over there, and we are going to do our bit to recognise
that fact. The LNH is an inter-national organisation, and we need to
raise our profile around the world. Poppies spelling out ANZAC is just a
little token we can do to demonstrate that we aren't all culturally
blinded, pig-ignorant, Ame.rec.a promoting, Other Country bashing bunch
of MORONS that people like you are proud of being. Is. That. Clear. ?."
	Obnoxious Ame.rec.a Boy's eyes refocused from their glazed state
and PR Kid saw fear enter them. "Yes. Certainly. I'll get onto it right
away." PR Kid released him and he scurried away.
	PR Kid turned to see that the photography session had halted. "Well, 
what are you waiting for? We need to strike while the iron is
hot, people!" There was a renewed burst of activity. "Now, I have a
thought about a Leadership Crisis board game..."

"...and in other news today, we have yet another press release from the
Legion of Net.Heroes, making for 74 today alone, stating that there will
be a media conference to be held in ten minutes about the use of press

"...and that is why we are dedicated to the continual communication
between us, the Legion, and you, the grateful populace," PR Kid
announced. "Any there any further questions?"
	"What about the mecha-zilla currently raging through downtown
Net.ropolis? What steps are being taken to address this problem?"
	Without looking, PR Kid reached back, grabbed a passing LNHer
and placed them in front of the cameras. "You can be assured that we
have our top people on it. For example... Bad-Timing Boy... *sigh* ... 
is one of our finest members, and will answer this particular issue you
have raised."
	Bad-Timing Boy looked out at the sea of faces that turned
expectantly to face him, opened his mouth still full of sandwich, and
memorably said, "Mhuwah?"

PR Kid looked up as several LNHers burst into the room. "Look at this. 
LNH dice! Hey, I rolled a Kid Kirby, excellent! The ninja wouldn't
approve this contract, but now...what?"
	Without further ceremony, the LNH pack grabbed PR Kid, applied
suitable measures of ropes and gags, then placed PR Kid into a trunk. 
There was a lot of thumping around, and evidently PR Kid managed to work
the gag off as was heard, "What about pogs? LNH pogs? You know the kids
will love that!... PokeLNH?"
	Bizarre Boy and Late-Nite Lad sat on the lid, keeping PR Kid
inside. "I have to admit a slight twinge about this," Bizarre Boy said. 
"Okay, I am signed up for ten visits to the children's ward next week,
but that's not all bad."
	"Hey, it's for our own good. There's no way I'm hosting LNH
	There was a slight pause, then the thumping started up again. "Come on, 
let me out! I promise the Meals on Wheels company they could
use the Easily Discovered Van!"
	Bizarre Boy looked at his watch. "Just five hours to go."

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