LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

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Mon Apr 23 11:32:23 PDT 2007

On Apr 21, 3:16 pm, saxon.bren... at uts.edu.au wrote:
> I was struck by all the throw away references to people investigating
> the disappearances.  My estimate of how many people were
> investigating
> was 'over a dozen', but actually making up a list and adding in a few
> other names that haven't been mentioned yet, I get something about
> twice that.

> And there's probably a number of others who I'm blanking on just at
> the
> moment.  Even just sticking to members and affiliate members of the
> Legion of Net.Heroes, that's around two dozen people.  Is it any
> wonder
> that Occultism Kid came up with his hypothesis?

It's a good hypothesis -- though, as Martin's "Superfreaks" series
consistently shows, super-heroes are not always the best
Normally, that's not a problem, since most super-villains either
announce their plans in advance, in order to taunt the heroes, or have
such distinct modus operandi that it's easy to guess who they are.

People give Batman credit for being the world's greatest detective,
but really, how hard is it to solve a crime in Gotham City?

BATMAN: Well, there's a string of thefts being committed by a
group of small birds carrying drink umbrellas.  What do you think?

ROBIN: Gosh, Batman!  Maybe it's Two-Face!

BATMAN (sighs): Looks like we'll be holding you back another
year, old chum.

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Leader of the LNH
--Very happy that someone brought "Dr. Who" references into
this series...

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