LNH/META: So, Who's Investigating? (re: LNH Comics Presents #56)

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[Two replies mooshed together]

Dave Van Domelen (dvandom at haven.eyrie.org) wrote:

>      Wasn't Gorilla Grad involved as well,

Yah. He was among the people Frat Boy mentioned as working on
the disappearances in Ep.17 & 18. (as was Master Roster Man,
plus a number of other people mentioned in Ep.20 (Adamant-
Authoirty-On-Everything and Andy Best (so they're *not* just
bluster. Amazing), Insomina Lad and Squeaky Clean). Like I
said, I was working from memory from the stories. My bad.

>                                             or is he solely working on 
>support stuff while other LNHers do the investigating (and the 

Er. I don't think it matters. The email planning never talked
about support staff vs active staff staus, but so far we've had
Doctor Stomper and Occultism Kid both be called up and vanished,
so you should assume that any difference means diddly squat.  I
briefly toyed with doing Fred or W.I.L.B.U.R. as leader before
settling on Footnote girl for my final episode, and part of the
text I've already written for Ep.28 mentions that *all* LNH
members have names in the hat - heroes or support staff, minors
or legal age, human, kiwi or oozlefinch...

>Dave Van Domelen, liked the bit about Legionnaires not asking Occultism Kid 
>for fear of him giving them an answer....

That was me channelling my inner Terry Pratchett.  I sometimes
try to analyse and duplicate the styles of favourite authors, but
so far he's the only one I can copy stylistically rather than
merely thematically.

Then Arthur Spitzer <arspitzer at earthlink.net> jumped in and added:

>>   Doctor Net.ropolis  (via Doctor Stomper)
>Has far as the world is concerned (and the LNH) Dr. Net.ropolis is dead. 
>(She might not be, but Dr. Stomper wouldn't know that)

She's dead? I think I missed that. Wasn't she in a coma? (google
google google) Ah, I see, that what you were planning for #18.
oKay, right.

>Perhaps you meant to type Dr. Deranged.

Yes. I think somewhere along the line I got Dr Deranged mixed up
with Dr Perculiar from LNHY. <sigh>

>Of course just because someone who claims to be  All-Knowing Last-Chance 
>Whiner Destiny Woman pops up... doesn't mean that that's who it is...


>For all you know there could be shapeshifters running around the LNHHQ 
>pretending to be people.

Oh. You mean one of those invasions of green shapeshifting aliens
which keeps happening in comic book universes. Do we have any
equivalents to the Skrulls, Martians or Enelsians?

>I mean Contraption Man was in a coma in the first issue... and now he's 
>running around like nothing was wrong...

Superheros heal rapidly. And with Contraption Man there's always
the possibly of multiple copies from different time periods.

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