8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 2, There Was a Crooked Man!

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 18:45:40 PDT 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
> > > Issue 2 could have ended with "That's when Martin passed out" and issue
> >
> > Which was my plan, but, for me, that wouldn't have been a satisfactory
> > ending to that chapter.  I know a lot of modern comic books and modern
> > readers will find that satisfactory, but to me, there's not enough
> > happening, so it's not good enough.
> For heaven's sake, Tom, just ask the artist to do a lot of splash
> pages. :)

What I'm really looking forward to is your commentary on the
eighty-page Journey Into... Annual. :-)

> There was pleasant character interaction but there were no double

Thank you. :-)

> entendres.  There were no punch lines.  That's more of an observation
> than a criticism: after all, you've also observed me putting that kind
> of humour into a serious story and you'd say that it makes a serious
> story a parody.  I disagree: I think it needs to be in there.  I think
> that "funny books" need to be funny once in a while and the stories
> posted here, even those in serious imprints, need to be funny once in a
> while too.  Just my opinion. :)

Next one should be more on the funny side.  I'm not saying it's Funny
Animals funny, but on the funny side.

> > More on Pam later, too.  Much more.  (This series will earn its ACRA
> > rating, damn it!)
> I'm here with tissue at the ready.  (Too much information?)

Just wait until issue six (I think)!  Oh, and yes, that it is too much

> Martin


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