8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 2, There Was a Crooked Man!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 15:36:18 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> > Issue 2 could have ended with "That's when Martin passed out" and issue
> Which was my plan, but, for me, that wouldn't have been a satisfactory
> ending to that chapter.  I know a lot of modern comic books and modern
> readers will find that satisfactory, but to me, there's not enough
> happening, so it's not good enough.

For heaven's sake, Tom, just ask the artist to do a lot of splash
pages. :)

> > Right.  Martin really should have known better.  If only he had watched
> > some TV detective shows.  Like Columbo.
> Which will also be brought up in our third issue.  However, this
> differs in that Martin is not under investigation for a crime, and that
> there would be no reason for anyone to compare the Green Knight's
> fingerprints with Martin's.

You misunderstand.  Look, I never lie to people: I'm a teacher.  But
that would make me a loosy cop: you have to interrogate people and
sometimes you have to bluff but Martin doesn't know how to bluff.  For
God sakes, Martin himself could testify against Snapp (if he were
willing to make a mask statement) because this supposedly innocent guy
was leaning on him to not let Derek testify, which would be a crime in
itself: the conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Danielle should point this
out to Martin next issue. :)

> There is humour in the story.

There was pleasant character interaction but there were no double
entendres.  There were no punch lines.  That's more of an observation
than a criticism: after all, you've also observed me putting that kind
of humour into a serious story and you'd say that it makes a serious
story a parody.  I disagree: I think it needs to be in there.  I think
that "funny books" need to be funny once in a while and the stories
posted here, even those in serious imprints, need to be funny once in a
while too.  Just my opinion. :)

> Or, if he did lift them, they would hurt like a bitch.

Definitely.  I actually imagined at first that Martin was facing a Dr.
Octopus clone because Dr. Octopus' arms come out from his chest and
this would make things a big easier for him: for starters, Dr. Octopus
would have a lower centre of gravity.  Even though Doc Ock's arms are
made of metal and would be very heavy, one might imagine it would be a
lot easier for him to lift them.  Besides, being familiar with Doc Ock
from Spiderman comics, I didn't assume that "fifteen foot arms" meant
that they were real arms and not mechanical ones. :)

> > I have expected Pamela to deny Martin the job because he had just
> > checked her out.  In my experience, women with "long silken black hair
> > and delicious chocolate complexion" do not appreciate being stared at
> > as much as I may personally think of it as a kind of compliment. :)
> More on Pam later, too.  Much more.  (This series will earn its ACRA
> rating, damn it!)

I'm here with tissue at the ready.  (Too much information?)


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