META: Plot vs. Character

Pudde Fjord puddespamfjord at
Tue Sep 5 17:08:31 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> Pudde Fjord wrote:
>> Tom Russell wrote:
>>> Especially when a character is extremely powerful, world-building is
>>> very important.  Really, Superman's not as interesting as his world--
>>> which is why, in general, the post-crisis Supes has held less interest
>>> for me (Busiek seems to be on the right track, though).
>> Which crisis are you referring to?
> Crisis on Infinite Earths... the only *real* crisis. :-)
> I've actually been out of the comics loop for several years, and am
> only now coming back to it.  A lot of the recent Marvel stuff has
> turned me off, and I only buy a few comics a month.  I think it's
> Busiek more than Big Blue that's got me reading Superman.
> I mostly tend to buy Archie & Duck stuff these days.

I wondered because after Superman returned from his guilt trip in space, a
lot of time was devoted to his supporting cast, and the cast grew, at
least in the beginning.

This was when the 3 (later 4) titles interlocked from week to week, and
there were a lot of minor subplots going on at the same time. Later on,
this became more of a routine, and the titles began diverging more.

The reason I liked this period, was the familiar characters, that were
different from before Crisis. Then they were stiffened in their roles, and
probably one of the major reasons for revamping the character and starting
from scratch.


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